Video Conferencing in the Healthcare Industry

On going video conferenceDigital communication technology had significantly advanced in the early 90s after video conferencing was introduced for commercial and public use. Video conferencing made it possible for you to lively see and speak with someone through an electronic device or personal computer who could be in another country.

Nowadays, the technology has been an integral part of many businesses due to its various advantages that mainly break communication barriers that could be a hindrance to business growth.

Choosing what business phone solution to use

Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) and Primary Rate Interface (PRI) experts have an ongoing SPI vs PRI debate on which of the two solutions has more advantages. Both telephone connection solutions let businesses use video conferencing to their advantage. It is important that you research what solution your business will require for you to avoid costly mistakes.

Some of the critical roles of video conferencing in businesses

Unlike traditional communication means, video conferencing allows several people to see and interact with each other at once like in a conventional meeting. In a healthcare set up, video conferencing helps medical professionals in reducing travel time and cost, letting them focus more on important duties.

Remember the scene in the movie “3 Idiots” where a woman is laboring and a doctor uses video conferencing in giving instructions as bad weather made it impossible for the patient to be transported to a hospital. Video conferencing has been capable of helping more patients to see their doctors immediately. Medical training has become efficient with video conferencing because the speaker no longer needs to meet the trainees even it includes surgery emulations physically.

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Video conferencing technology is critical in almost any business industry as it breaks communication barriers of business operations. When choosing a phone solution, it is important that you research what your business needs to avoid costly mistakes in the future.