The 2017 Mobile-First Game Plan That Works

Web Design for Mobile in BrisbaneThe SEO industry is a big fan of speculating about this year’s trends and predictions. Given the changing nature of digital marketing, it is no secret that some of us are eager to see what the future holds.

Experts argue over what aspect of SEO will reign supreme this 2017, but one thing is for sure (and more important than ever): mobile optimisation.

One look at Google’s biggest updates is enough to prove that mobile is a big deal. With the search engine giant implementing ‘Mobilegeddon’ and creating more mobile-friendly updates, Google surprised no one when they announced ‘mobile-first’ indexing.

So how can your site fare better this 2017? Brisbane’s top SEO companies have the following advice for you:

Site Audits for Mobile Friendliness

All mobile optimisation efforts will go to waste if the site is not friendly in the first place. With this in mind, it makes sense to prioritise the Mobile-Friendly test, which reveals if the site meets Google’s standards.

A comprehensive site audit reports essential SEO factors that play in your rankings. It also helps to isolate issues and correct them as soon as possible.

Focus on Local Search

2016 saw the increase of local search’s popularity. According to the Micro-Moments guide from Google, the ‘near me’ searches for businesses grew twice in 2016. Most users buy from one brand simply because they immediately showed up when the buyer needed the information.

Amp Up your AMP

Google prioritises Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMPs) over regular pages in terms of mobile query response. The search engine designed these pages to load quickly, which aims to provide users what they want instantly. Google reports that AMPs load 4x faster than regular mobile pages.

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Publishers should pay attention to the perfect match between AMP and WordPress sites. Just install the plugin to activate features on the page and you are good to go.

In 2017, it’s all about mobile-friendliness. Is your campaign ready for this year?