Responsive Web Design: Why Your Site’s Design Matters

Web Design in ColoradoDesigning your website isn’t easy; it’s arguably the most difficult and frustrating part in terms of establishing your mobile presence. Your site’s appearance matters a lot, and first impressions last a long time.

If you really want to establish your online presence and impress your prospective audience or customers, you need to make sure your website’s designed to be responsive. But what exactly is responsive web design and how do you do it?

Responsive Web Design

Denver Data Web and other web design companies in Denver summarize responsive web design rather simply: it basically means that the design and overall development of your site should respond to the user’s (in this case, your readers and visitors) behavior and environment.

To make it even simpler, your website design should adapt to whatever the end-user does. If they minimize the screen, your website’s layout should adjust to the smaller screen. Now the concept of “responsiveness” is kind of broad, so it also includes making sure your website’s viewable across different platforms, such as mobile devices.

When we talk about responsive web design, it’s basically three things: screen size, orientation, and platform. Websites with responsive web design are cross-platform, with layouts that can easily adjust regardless of screen size or if the user is holding their mobile device upside down or sideways.

When Less is More

Responsive web design is more than just design where the layout automatically adjusts and the images are resizable: it’s also about your continuing attitude to design. It’s easy to build a website that has all these bells and whistles and an outrageous design that’s just blinding.

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It’s important to remember that your potential subscribers and prospective customers are looking for your content, so cut back on all the flash and pizzazz and focus on your content; a simple website design where the content is easy to read reigns supreme.

Responsive web design isn’t a fad; as we continue progressing through the mobile age, it’s become the gold standard for website design.