4 Special Promos That Can Increase Enrollment in Your Yoga Studio

Yoga ClassIs your yoga studio struggling with a low number of enrollees? You may have days when classes are overflowing with students, but if you struggle with an almost-empty studio most of the time, you need to rethink your marketing strategies. Here are some special promos you can use to boost enrollment:

1. Unlimited Class Promos

Offer a one-month, six-month, or annual unlimited class at a great discount. But make sure to run this special at a limited time so people would feel they have to grab this chance right away. With this kind of offer, you’ll likely grow a group of regular students. After all, most people like taking advantage of unlimited services.

2. Shared Packages

Create packages that can be shared between family members, friends, or officemates. For some, it’s more enjoyable to attend yoga classes with friends or relatives than going alone. And besides, most people like saving a few bucks from purchasing packages so they’ll likely encourage their peers to enroll with them.

3. Referral Programs

Encourage your students to bring their friends to the studio by rewarding them with free classes or other freebies. It is a great way of expanding your student base while showing appreciation to your current students. When a student receives a reward for every friend that signs up, chances are they’re going to bring more people to your studio. To easily track referrals, it would help if you use a yoga studio management software.

4. Special Workshops

Invite a guest teacher – preferably someone who’s influential in the yoga world — to hold a one-day workshop. Advertise the event in different platforms and prepare offers exclusive to those who will attend the workshop. With this strategy, expect a lot of attendees that are likely to enroll in your studio.

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Consider employing one or two of these strategies and you can expect some changes in the class enrollment — a good kind of change that will inspire you to open your yoga studio every day.