Introducing Online Reputation Management and Its Relevance to Your Brand

the seo processAre you worried about how the public perceives your brand? Salt Lake City SEO companies specializing in reputation management can give you a hand in these matters. For now, we have a few guidelines for your consideration.

How a person or a company appears over the Internet depends on available content presented by search engines. There are numerous platforms online where a company may introduce its brand and products. These platforms can expand the scope of influence of a brand name exponentially.

Brand exposure and over-sharing

Social media platforms are especially powerful in improving exposure to search engines, which in turn introduce a brand to the public. It can be unfortunate for a company that hopes to put its best foot forward to gain a bad reputation due to questionable content and over-sharing of information.

Fortunately, online reputation management experts are around to guide companies in their SEO efforts, and at the same time help them deal with issues.

How online reputation managers can help

There is no real regulation over the internet. Millions of people are using it, and some of them are using it to the disadvantage of others. Content may be removed from a site, but the damage that has already caused takes a long time to dissipate.

Online reputation managers will tell you that proper representation is the key to successful online branding. If you are clear what your company is about, it is difficult to misunderstand. Lack of vital information is one of the leading causes of unfavorable feedback.

Online reputation management is relevant to you today because you intend to promote your company as a provider of quality services. Maintaining a good image will depend on how you react to bad publicity or criticism.

Experts agree that reacting quickly and politely is the best way to move forward with reputation intact. It also gives a good impression to your audience that you do not hide criticism, and that you respond to it appropriately and professionally.

Four SEO Best Practices for E-Commerce Websites

SEOE-commerce is a huge venture that’s bound to grow even further as more people take their shopping online. Constant growth, however, means constant competition. Whether you’ve been in e-commerce for several years or are just starting, it’s important to stand out by staying ahead of the pack. You can achieve this by applying these practices to your e-commerce website.

Get an SEO Consultant

If you’re thinking of hiring an SEO consultant, make sure you find one who specialises in e-commerce. A consultant who understands the special SEO needs of an e-commerce website will help make sure your store stands out and maximise your profits.

Do the Right Keyword Research

Too often, companies try to target either very broad or highly competitive keywords. Instead of going for the extremes keywords-wise, target keywords that are highly relevant to your product, have high local search volume and score a low difficulty rate in whatever keyword tool you’re using.

Organise the Structure of Your Website

Create a solid internal link structure by organising pages by category and sub-category. This ensures Google’s bots can crawl and index the pages of your website. This not only improves your site’s rankings but also makes it easier for your visitors to explore the site.

Optimise Internal Pages

With Google’s emphasis on unique content, it’s crucial to optimise both category and product pages with content not found anywhere else on the web. For instance, if you have thousands of product pages, start with the bestsellers.

Encourage User-Generated Content

As it can take forever to write unique descriptions for each product, it would be best to take advantage of user-generated content. These types of content improve each page’s SEO and boost conversion rates. In fact, research shows a majority of online shoppers buy products only after they have read the reviews.

These practices can help you boost the SEO on your site. Although managing an e-commerce store may not be easy, it is possible to succeed when you do great SEO for your site.