Top 3 Reasons to Hire a Digital Marketing Expert

digital marketing expertsSome companies choose to handle their digital marketing campaigns on their own. They argue that it is less costly and no one can understand their needs better. While this may be true, there will come a time when you will need to evaluate your progress and decide whether to outsource. When should you do this?

When you have too much to handle

Multitasking or having diverse skills is an excellent quality, but at times, you may not give all your responsibilities the attention they deserve. When you have a lot to accomplish, you will only do the minimum required, which, in turn, lowers productivity. To avoid this, delegate some tasks to experts.

Getting a digital marketing agency in Massachusetts to handle your campaigns will not only improve the results but will also give you more time and energy to focus on other issues. Also, because of the dynamic nature of the online space, you need to keep on updating your knowledge. This may be hard for someone with a lot to handle.

You do not know it all

Yes, they are digital experts because they have taken the time to learn, practice and continue improving in the field. Bringing their knowledge on board ensures that your company integrates the latest technology and methods.

When facing challenges

Because you do not know everything, you may encounter marketing challenges that only an expert can solve. Your conversion rates may go down or encounter issues that taint your image. If you do not know how to solve the problems, calling in an expert will not only bring solutions but also save you many sleepless nights, a reputation and boost growth.

A digital marketing agency may be an added cost, but when you hire experts, the effort they put in will most likely translate to more business for your enterprise.

Introducing Online Reputation Management and Its Relevance to Your Brand

the seo processAre you worried about how the public perceives your brand? Salt Lake City SEO companies specializing in reputation management can give you a hand in these matters. For now, we have a few guidelines for your consideration.

How a person or a company appears over the Internet depends on available content presented by search engines. There are numerous platforms online where a company may introduce its brand and products. These platforms can expand the scope of influence of a brand name exponentially.

Brand exposure and over-sharing

Social media platforms are especially powerful in improving exposure to search engines, which in turn introduce a brand to the public. It can be unfortunate for a company that hopes to put its best foot forward to gain a bad reputation due to questionable content and over-sharing of information.

Fortunately, online reputation management experts are around to guide companies in their SEO efforts, and at the same time help them deal with issues.

How online reputation managers can help

There is no real regulation over the internet. Millions of people are using it, and some of them are using it to the disadvantage of others. Content may be removed from a site, but the damage that has already caused takes a long time to dissipate.

Online reputation managers will tell you that proper representation is the key to successful online branding. If you are clear what your company is about, it is difficult to misunderstand. Lack of vital information is one of the leading causes of unfavorable feedback.

Online reputation management is relevant to you today because you intend to promote your company as a provider of quality services. Maintaining a good image will depend on how you react to bad publicity or criticism.

Experts agree that reacting quickly and politely is the best way to move forward with reputation intact. It also gives a good impression to your audience that you do not hide criticism, and that you respond to it appropriately and professionally.

Why T-1 Internet is Better for Your Business

Male employee using pcSince the 1990s, there have been different technologies for Internet access. These technologies moved data from telephone modems running at 14.4kbps to today’s DSL and ADSL lines running at speeds of several megabits.

In the past two decades, voice and data services providers such Apex Telecom continue to offer T-1 Internet connections. The technology may be old, but for today’s businesses, T-1 is still a cost-effective solution.

The T-1 Internet

When it was first offered, the T-1 used copper cables. Today, it uses a fiber optic line directly connected the office. It can carry up to 24 voice channels, or data at 1.544 megabits per second (mbps). If used for voice, it connects to the office’s phone exchange system. If it carries data, it connects to the office network router.

As an office connection, it can handle voice and data traffic for several users. The voice and data T-1 line would be connected to a web server at the other end of the line. If the T-1 Internet is not enough to support the required bandwidth, there are other common and faster line connection speeds:

  • T3 at 43.232 mbps
  • OC3 at 155 mbps
  • OC12 at 622 mbps
  • OC48 at 2.5 gigabits per second (gbps)
  • OC192 at 9.6 gbps

DSL and T-1 Internet

T-1 Internet speeds may seem unimpressive. Residential DSL speeds can go faster depending on the location and the service provider, but most DSL services usually have speeds of 10 mbps. But there is a key difference between DSL and T-1, including allied technologies.

DSL are usually oversubscribed and run on a shared network. The DSL connections in the neighborhood run on the same cable. In contrast, T-1 connections are faster, as they use fiber optic cables. A business owner may decide to go with DSL or with T-1 depending on their requirements. The advantages of T-1 makes it a viable option for most companies that require a stable Internet connection throughout the day.

Effective Campaigns Analysis with Digital Marketing

Business owners talking about Digital Marketing

Business owners talking about Digital MarketingWhen business owners think of advertising, images of vinyl banners, fliers, and direct mail are the first things that come to mind. These traditional advertising methods have been used widely by several businesses before the introduction of digital marketing.

While traditional marketing proves to be an effective way to brand and promote your business, it may present some challenges for business owners. For one, it requires you to pay for every new campaign you run in newspapers or mailers, which means you need to spend more to update your advertisements and keep the information up-to-date.

Fortunately, there are digital marketing support solutions that are available for many businesses. Below we look at how you can make the most out of the increasing number of internet users to reach a wider audience:

Digital marketing allows businesses to advertise through websites, search engines, email, and social media to target specific demographics through demographics prediction tools.

Get Help to Boost Your Campaigns

Hiring a digital marketing firm to analyze the performance of your campaigns has many benefits including helping you save time in sorting through different SEO tools to find relevant data about your competitors and your target audience. Reputable digital marketing companies employ knowledgeable members who are experienced in coming up with the right strategy that will meet your specific requirements.

Automate Marketing Efforts

There are digital marketing companies that focus on providing clients with marketing automation support, web design, and email marketing solutions to target a dominant demographic age and gender for specific keyword phrases. Using all valuable information on relative traffic and visitor demographics, they can help you understand your target audience to take the guessing game out of reaching the right people and resonating with them through your campaigns.

Reaching a Global Audience

This is no easy task, but with digital marketing, you can find new markets and reach an international audience with a relatively small investment. Digital marketing companies can help you analyze the success of your online campaigns in producing measurable and trackable results.

Web analytics allow you to obtain useful information about the behavior of customers when browsing your site. It also shows how they respond to the different sections of your website. It can also be used to see how much money you are making from each campaign.

Hiring an experienced digital marketing company not only makes managing your campaigns easier but also provides you with the convenience of consulting online marketing techniques.

Load Testing and Its Importance

A man working on web designAlmost everyone has experienced a website crashing. Whether it is your school’s website during enrollment season or a shopping site during sale periods, a crashing website is a hassle. Luckily, like other products available in the market, types of software also undergo numerous tests to gauge its capacity and capability. We call this process load testing.

You can perform load testing on various software, such as Java, business, economics, as well as educational ones. Take a closer look at the process and its importance in the various fields of businesses.

What is load testing?

There are various ways to test a software. These include performance testing, stress testing, and volume testing. Although these terms are quite synonymous, experts consider load testing the simplest form of performance testing.

It works by putting the system under various controlled extreme conditions. The point is to push the software beyond its peak limit to test how much it can handle and how far it can go. How the software reacts in the process would determine the next steps the company would take to improve and change it.

How important is load testing in software?

You test software for three important reasons. First, it examines its limits, enabling developers to know its weaknesses and determine their next course of action. Second, it optimizes page load time for better usage. After all, no one wants to wait more than a minute for a page to finish loading. Lastly, it lessens the possibility of crashing and downtimes. When a website is down even just for a couple of minutes, a business is surely set to lose money. Thus, you should avoid it at all costs.

Like other products, subjecting software to various tests and challenges is all done for its own betterment. The more you test them, the lesser the possibility of annoyed customers due to a crashed website.

What You Can Get from an Automated Bookkeeping System

BookkeepingCurrently, businesses need to keep up with the digital world, or they become obsolete themselves. Automated bookkeeping software is one of such important technological advancements.

As a business owner, you need to realize the importance of computerized accounting systems, and how your company can benefit from them.

Improve work efficiency and accuracy

Businesses can save a significant amount of time with bookkeeping software. As it does most of the work, your employees can focus on other tasks at hand making them more productive, which accounts for enhanced work efficiency.

An automated accounting system can do all the tedious tasks such as collating, printing, and issuing of payroll documents, receipts, and sales invoices, as well as improve payment collection and inventory control.

You can also lessen the risk of human error with an automated accounting system because it allows for more accurate data entry. Bookkeeping accuracy is important because this is where you base all the financial reports.

Accessible and secure data storage

Financial data is very important to any business because this is where they base how profitable they are. This is why many companies hold on to them for years. However, with manual bookkeeping, papers tend to pile up.

So, it may take a while for you to find what you are looking for and they are highly vulnerable to fires and other natural disasters. A digital accounting system can help keep your records safe from such disasters.

It can also make your data easily accessible to you whether they are on a local server or the cloud. Additionally, these data storages are very secure, so you do not have to worry about someone stealing them.

During times when you need to make quick accounting decisions, quickly share data, or collaborate with other companies, fast access to your financial record is a great help. Bookkeeping software can generate all kinds of report in a flash.

4 Modern Ways to Secure Your Business

Business, technology, internet and networking concept. Young businessman working on his laptop in the office, select the icon security on the virtual display.When you run a business, one of your biggest responsibilities is to make sure that you protect your staff, inventory, and information from malicious people out to sabotage you. With the modern criminal getting more sophisticated with their methods, this is easier said than done. With these creative ways, however, you can keep your business safer.

Secure your data.

The onset of digital era was a significant boost for businesses of all kinds. Thanks to technology, you can now reach clients on a global scale. But with the digital age also comes the threat of cybercrime. To keep your business safe from data theft, consider installing VPN tunneling software that lets you share sensitive data with your stakeholders safely.

Install an alarm system.

Alarms have been long been a trusted security feature for homes, cars, and businesses. That’s because alarms work. Find a suitable alarm system for your business and install it on key access areas. There are modern alarm systems that are motion-activated. When set off, alarms draw attention that dissuades criminals from advancing with the break-in.

Set up a surveillance system.

When you are still a start-up, you may want to avoid spending on a quality security system for your business. A surveillance system may set you back a couple of precious dollars that you may want to spend on other activities in your business. But hold on. Ask yourself if you would rather invest in surveillance cameras or spend thousands of dollars to replace equipment that has been stolen.

Bring in a dose of paranoia.

When it comes to protecting your business, don’t be afraid of coming off as a little paranoid. Change passwords you have shared with associates regularly. Keep important documents away from your desk when leaving the office. Try your best to prevent a data breach.

Keeping your business secure from both internal and external threats benefits everyone. With some forethought and investment, you can keep your business safe.

NAM Survey Shows Continually High Outlook for US Manufacturing

Happy EmployeesU.S. manufacturers remained positive about business prospects and the economy for three consecutive quarters in 2017, according to the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM).

The NAM’s Manufacturers’ Outlook Survey showed 90.9% of respondents are positive about the future of their businesses. The figure represented an all-time high in the survey’s 20-year history. The positive outlook indicated a 3.6% growth in manufacturing production between October 2017 and the first quarter of 2018.

Optimistic Outlook

The expected increase in manufacturing production should lead companies to consider investing new tools such as purchasing ordering management systems. These will be necessary to improve workflow operations, as manufacturing output would grow 1.2% during the remaining months of 2017.

Business tax reforms also serve as part of the reason for the bright outlook among companies, while more than 87% of surveyed companies that the changes will resolve their issues with the current tax system.

Meanwhile, a strong manufacturing sector further increased the chances of an interest rate increase in December 2017 by the Federal Reserve.

ISM Poll

The Federal Reserve may impose a rate hike due to a strong employment market and manufacturing industry, which recorded a 60.8% reading on the Institute for Supply Management’s (ISM) index for September.

Except for furniture and related products, some 17 manufacturing segments such as chemicals, transportation and electrical equipment recorded growth for the month.

ISM said that the index reading exceeded analysts’ expectations of 57.8% for September compared to August. It emerged as the highest reading since May 2004. Still, some businesses are concerned about the possibility of higher input prices due to Hurricanes Harvey and Irma.


The positive outlook of many U.S. manufacturers bodes well for the country’s economy. Aside from this, more jobs should be expected, as companies will eventually need more workers to sustain growth.