The Convenience of a Paperless Laboratory

PaperlessMany scientists still keep their experimental records on paper, and sometimes in Excel and Word files stored in different computers and folders. In most cases, this leads to time-consuming tasks — or worse, information loss.

If you want to save yourself from the headache, go paperless.

The Inconvenience of Paper

Paper is easy to use, convenient, portable, and does not require user training, but it also introduces security risks. It is not as easily searchable and collaborative, and it introduces major storage issues. Most importantly, it is prone to errors, particularly transcription mistakes, since handling paper is a manual activity. If anything, stress — or math — is involved as well.

In addition, today’s laboratories are overwhelmed by demands of improved efficiency, productivity, data quality, immediate access to data, and tighter cost control. Laboratories use sophisticated instruments and experimentation as well, which require the day-to-day management of a large volume of analytical information. agrees that the traditional management system simply cannot address these demands.

The Convenience of Going Paperless

Now imagine a world where you can simply annotate your experiment with a mobile device and simultaneously keep records with the use of laboratory information management systems (LIMS). Imagine having samples and instruments labeled with barcodes, allowing you to stock and de-stock digitally.

Imagine quickly finding information about a sample or a box, and knowing exactly where everything is. You get to capture experimental details easily and efficiently. You can manipulate data fast and efficiently, and enjoy speedy electronic data entry in real time to automated data acquisition.

Paper is expensive; with LIMS, you can reduce costs, as you do the same tasks using fewer resources (or do more using the same resources). And not only can such seamless, automated environment improve your work and reduce costs; it also frees up staff members and allows them to spend more time on research or product development functions that would bring revenue to the business.

With that, it seems eliminating the use of paper and going for automated systems simply contributes to a more open, more collaborative, more secure — and more efficient, cost-effective lab. 

USA Continues to Battle it Out with Hackers

GitHubGitHub, a coding site from the United States, said last Sunday that what caused the intermittent outages for the social coding site were cyber-attacks, which lasted for days, with the China pointed as the source of the attack, according to the Wall Street Journal.

The coding site said in their twitter account that “Eighty-seven hours in, our mitigation is deflecting most attack traffic. We’re aware of intermittent issues and continue to adapt our response,”

According to experts, the attack disguises as flood traffic, also called as a distributed denial of service, or DDos attack. Such attacks are one of the most common on the Internet.

The Wall Street Journal also stated that a search engine from china called Baidu Inc., flooded GitHub with Internet traffic. They also added that the Chinese run organization were targeting two pages from GitHub that linked to copies of sites that are restricted in China

GitHub stated on its blog that such attacks started as early as Thursday morning. They also said, “it involves a combination of attack vectors.”

The blog post  added that “These include every vector we’ve seen in previous attacks as well as some sophisticated new techniques that use the web browsers of unsuspecting, uninvolved people to flood with high levels of traffic,”

“Based on reports we’ve received, we believe the intent of this attack is to convince us to remove a specific class of content.”

GitHub is one of the most established companies in the United States that supply social coding tools for developers and prides itself as one of the few large-scale code host that currently persist in the whole world.

A Baidu spokesperson from Beijing said in a report that the company has recently conducted a detailed investigation and came up with the conclusion that a security problem on Baidu’s side nor hacking problems caused such attack.

The spokesperson added that, “We have notified other security organizations and are working to get to the bottom of this,”

Experts suggest that the United States government must act swiftly to address such problem. Since the previous year, there has been a steady increase of cyber-attacks arising from china. They said that such attack endangers not only America alone but also the whole world as these hackers also target military data. Quite recently, Washington accused china of stealing important documents, which include top-secret information about the designs of the new F-35 jet fighter.

Apple CEO Enraged Over New Law in Indiana

Tim CookThe implementation of a new religious freedom law in Indiana saw Apple CEO Tim Cook who was already furious on Friday, further expressed his condemnation by tweeting “very dangerous….wave of legislation” in an op-ed article on the Washington Post’s website last Sunday.

Last Friday, the governor of Arkansas Asa Hutchinson, who Cook also asked in his tweets to revoke a similar bill, instead stipulated that the measure of hi state-which has approved with a landslide victory of 24-7 in the Arkansas senate- meets his approval.

Hutchinson said that the bill is “designed” to protect the religious freedoms that persist within their area. He added that there is no difference with other bills, stating “legislation has passed it in other states such as Illinois and Connecticut. Arkansas is open for business, and we recognize and respect the diversity of our culture and economy.”

However, Cook was quick to rebut that having such laws on record that would protect business owners from “being sued” for not rendering services to gays and lesbians flies in the face of being “open for business”

Cook also wrote that such bills “rationalize injustice by pretending to defend something many of us hold dear. They go against the very principles our nation was founded on, and they have the potential to undo decades of progress toward greater equality,” He was referring to the leader of Silicon Valley who came out last year as a homosexual.

“America’s business community recognized a long time ago that discrimination, in all its forms, is bad for business. At Apple, we are in business to empower and enrich our customers’ lives. We strive to do business in a way that is just and fair. That’s why, on behalf of Apple, I’m standing up to oppose this new wave of legislation — wherever it emerges.”

Cook also said that despite growing in Alabama as a Baptist with a very strong tie with his faith, it never equated with “an excuse to discriminate”

Cook added:

“The days of segregation and discrimination marked by ‘Whites Only’ signs on shop doors, water fountains and restrooms must remain deep in our past. We must never return to any semblance of that time. America must be a land of opportunity for everyone.”

“This isn’t a political issue. It isn’t a religious issue. This is about how we treat each other as human beings. Opposing discrimination takes courage. With the lives and dignity of so many people at stake, it’s time for all of us to be courageous.”

The Newest Apple Gadget Is In Town

Rumors regarding the strategy Apple will employ in marketing and selling their highly anticipated product, the Apple watch, continues to circulate as the release date approaches. According to people who claim to work with the company, as well as various leaked documents, walk in customers will not be able to purchase them during the launch date. This is because the company will not be selling the Apple watch on purpose, but instead offers online pre-sales starting on the 10th of April. With a two-week waiting period prior to its delivery (April 24), owners will have the opportunity to experience a hands-on “try-on” appointment of these watches. This will give them a head start of learning to operate the device and maximize its full potential. Such appointments shall take place at Apple retail stores in order to help make up their mind.

Apple GadgetMacRumors however got training documents that suggest Apple will not allow any walk-in retail purchases for their new gadget during tis launch. They will instead require customers to make an online product reservation in order to hold specific Apple Watch model at their desired retail store. The new “Product Reservation” system that Apple will implement shall replace the existing “Personal Pickup” system. The retail-training document of apple indicates that “If a customer walks in and wants to purchase a watch, offer the option to try on a watch. Then help them place an order online or through the Apple Store app.”

Sources who work closely with Apple also suggests that the company is expecting a low inventory for     the Apple Watches. The also noted that the “try-on” appointments also do not serve a specific Apple Watch for purchase. Apple will eventually allow walk in purchases, though not until the “early” wave of demand is gone.

The watch will be available in only nine countries (US, UK, Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong and Japan) while other countries will have to wait longer before seeing them in their retail stores. The Apple Watch comes at a hefty price that ranges from $349 to $17000.

Apple said that only the aluminum sport edition would be the only one that will start a $349 and that is for the smaller 38mm version. The glossier stainless steel variant on the other hand is slightly more expensive at $549 and goes up to over $1000, depending on the size and configuration. The most expensive variant, however, is the gold watch edition, which will be in limited supply. It will cost a customer $17000.

The Right Way to Clean and Care For Your LCD TV


LCD TVChances are, you’ve had an old-school Cathode-ray tube (CRT) television and you have cleaned it a couple of times. These types of television have glass surfaces and cleaning them is pretty much the same with cleaning other glass objects in your home.

LCD or LED screen monitors are a completely different matter and require special care during cleanup. Below, Nino’s Trading Company shares some tips on how to take care of your TV’s in this short care and cleaning guide.

1. Make sure that your television is turned off. This is to make sure that you don’t disrupt its electrical processes. Besides, it’s easier to see the dirt on your screen when the screen is all black.

2. The best cloth to use would be microfiber cloth, but if that’s not readily available, you can also use any cloth that is soft and dry. Wipe the screen very gently. If you have dirt that’s hard to remove, do not scrub too hard. Use a small amount of distilled water and scrub it slowly and gently.

3. You can use multipurpose cleaners to wipe off dirt from the plastic covering that surrounds the screen, but be careful not to get any on the screen itself.

4. Do not use toilet paper, paper towels or old cotton shirts to wipe your TV screen. They may appear soft to the touch, but microscopically speaking, they are not and may cause scratches on the surface.

5. Stay clear of products that contain ammonia or acetone. They will cause permanent discoloration by reacting with the liquid crystal display. Furthermore, do not use any liquids on the screen itself.

Your LCD and LED TV is categorized under sensitive appliances. Proper care must be used in order to avoid any problems in the future. Keep your television off or on screensaver mode when not in use and avoid disassembling it without reason. This may void the warranty and cause a bigger problem than an unclean screen.

Finally, if you want to get rid of your TV, a little research about community and city laws on proper electronic product disposal. The product contains a small amount of mercury, so you must be careful when handling old LCD TV’s.