3 Things You Must Consider When Choosing a SIP Service Provider

SIP on a keyboardWhenever you are looking for a reliable service provider, especially for SIP trunking services, you will find the following three qualities to be very important and worth considering:


Unified communication services demand a great deal of expertise. One must have the know-how to be able to install and manage SIP-enabled solutions. This practice comes with knowledge in other related fields in both SIP and VOIP technologies. Therefore, check whether your SIP service provider has the required certification. Also, you may need to confirm that they have the recommended legal license to operate as a trunk service provider.

Industry Mastery

There are many recent upgrades in the communications’ industry. As such, you should choose a service provider that understands the latest trends in the market. A well-versed service provider will only offer the best solutions in the industry. They should also be able to educate you which one will best suit your business’ communication needs.

High Referral Rate

This quality is what users should consider more.  Check online reviews of the service provider with whom you are planning to sign up with. This is especially true if you are looking for a provider to install and manage the communication system for a business or an establishment. If the service provider is reputable enough, they will provide clients with a list of referrals that will attest to the quality of services they have received.

Aside from considering these three qualities, you will find it very helpful to inquire from other businesses using SIP trunking. It is great practice to learn from other companies’ experiences as well.

4 Easy Tips to Boost the Quality of Indoor Air at Your Workshop

Man talking to a worker

Man talking to a workerWhen you run a workshop, it’s normal to get concerned about the quality of indoor air. You are aware how unclean indoor air can affect the comfort, health, and productivity of your workers — but that’s not all. Poor air quality can be a turnoff to clients who visit your workshop.

Here are tips to make sure you keep the air clean and refreshing in the workshop:

Invest in a dust extractor

The application of dust extraction systems in industries and other commercial shops has been in existence for a long time. A dust extractor boosts the quality of breathable air by removing the particulate matter in the air. To keep air always fresh, run the dust collecting system for a while every day before leaving the workshop.

Install good ventilation

Your workshop should have adequate ventilation to allow circulation of air. A poorly ventilated shop attracts mould and dampness, posing a great risk to the health of your workers and the state of the equipment and material in your workshop. Most states have organisations that recommend certain standards of ventilation in all workplaces. Failure to comply with these standards could have disastrous results.

Periodically test for air contaminants

There are many air contaminants that can compromise the quality of your air without your knowledge. These contaminants include radon and carbon monoxide. These gases are colourless and odourless, yet can cause fatal diseases. Radon, in particular, causes lung cancer. To keep your workers and clients safe, install detectors and carry out tests every once in a while.

Use eco-friendly cleaning products

Obviously, you’ll need to clean your workshop regularly to keep it conducive to your employees and clients. Be careful what supplies you use for cleaning as some of them contain dangerous chemicals that could pollute your indoor air. Go for environmentally safe options instead.

While the problem of poor indoor air quality is pertinent in many workshops, it is not insurmountable. With just a few simple initiatives, you can keep your air always clean and healthy for everyone.

Worldwide Coverage: Satellite Mobile Phones and Connectivity

Hiker using a satellite phone

Hiker using a satellite phoneThe last few decades have seen a massive shift in communications. From having to use stationary telephone receivers in kitchens to broadcasting a live video on the top of a mountain, we have made huge strides in staying connected with people anywhere on this Earth, thus making it smaller.

One such advancement is the rise of mobile satellite services, otherwise known as MSS. This refers to a network of interconnected satellites which create a widespread channel for a variety of communications devices, such as telephones and computers.

Imagine being calling someone in Berlin from Ayers Rock. This is possible with MSS. MSS boasts of unprecedented reception—where you might experience dropping wireless signals; mobile satellite phones will still be able to communicate with each other. This is because sufficient satellite coverage can connect two phones from anywhere in the world.

Who Can Use Mobile Satellite Phones?

Those who travel on vast uninhabited expanses of land would find great use for mobile satellite phones. Because of their powerful reception capabilities, they can be perfect for military operations, research, or plain exploring (for those who can afford it—satellite phones can be quite expensive!). For instance, a geologist out on assignment may contact headquarters from the next continent when observing terrain differences.

The only disadvantage of using mobile satellite phones is that they cannot be used in an area that has been closed off. For them to work, they have to be within the line of sight of a satellite. For this reason, cellular phones can outclass mobile satellite phones for everyday uses.

Since we spend most of our time indoors, the smartphone we have come to know and love is best for us. Mobile satellite handsets, however, are best used for communicating from a place where there is no cell signal or Internet connectivity available.

Video Conferencing in the Healthcare Industry

On going video conference

On going video conferenceDigital communication technology had significantly advanced in the early 90s after video conferencing was introduced for commercial and public use. Video conferencing made it possible for you to lively see and speak with someone through an electronic device or personal computer who could be in another country.

Nowadays, the technology has been an integral part of many businesses due to its various advantages that mainly break communication barriers that could be a hindrance to business growth.

Choosing what business phone solution to use

Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) and Primary Rate Interface (PRI) experts have an ongoing SPI vs PRI debate on which of the two solutions has more advantages. Both telephone connection solutions let businesses use video conferencing to their advantage. It is important that you research what solution your business will require for you to avoid costly mistakes.

Some of the critical roles of video conferencing in businesses

Unlike traditional communication means, video conferencing allows several people to see and interact with each other at once like in a conventional meeting. In a healthcare set up, video conferencing helps medical professionals in reducing travel time and cost, letting them focus more on important duties.

Remember the scene in the movie “3 Idiots” where a woman is laboring and a doctor uses video conferencing in giving instructions as bad weather made it impossible for the patient to be transported to a hospital. Video conferencing has been capable of helping more patients to see their doctors immediately. Medical training has become efficient with video conferencing because the speaker no longer needs to meet the trainees even it includes surgery emulations physically.

Video conferencing technology is critical in almost any business industry as it breaks communication barriers of business operations. When choosing a phone solution, it is important that you research what your business needs to avoid costly mistakes in the future.

Providing Efficient Solutions with an Information Management System

Business man touching Data Management word on red tab virtual screenImagine walking into a meeting where one of your clients is discussing a legal mishap. Armed with legal policies and other pertinent data generated from an agency information management system, you confidently present solutions backed by industry-specific data. You also present valuable lessons from historical data backed by analyses of some of the leading industry companies to ensure that such a mishap will not occur again.

Paperless system

Cost-effective solutions sometimes do not manifest themselves automatically. In order to decrease costs, a company must save time. By saving time, you get to decrease the number of individuals you need to hire, which then leads to a reduction in your company’s expenses. A paperless system through automation is also a good practice to adapt to save time. Moreover, you get the assurance that your data is 100% accurate, taking away the need for you to hire proofreaders, for example.

Tailored solutions

Solutions should be tailored to each company. For example, a client whose services are at risk of constant exposure to internal and external threats would need stronger solutions for business continuity. Similarly, companies providing intensive customer service to high-profile clients should invest in health programs for their employees to reduce stress. Happy and healthy employees, after all, bring about a positively thriving business environment.

Most clients naturally prefer to focus on growing their businesses than learning the concepts on how to fill up the company’s reports. With an information management system, you can generate these reports with ease. Downward trends, for instance, would warn clients of impending losses. With proper advice, they can prevent this and provide immediate solutions. Conversely, trends that go upward can prepare clients for further maximizing their profits. Any information then becomes an opportunity for progressive investment.

How to Make Creative Materials Work for Your Brand

Businessman Writing Planning Marketing Brand ConceptBranding has become more important in businesses’ marketing efforts. Now more than ever, a slogan or a well-placed logo does wonders for audience recall and repeat sales. Marketing efforts have also shifted to pushing brand recall instead of just sales or subscriptions.

Construct quality creative materials.

Branding has become more complex since it now cuts across all media and must be consistent in all creative and advertising materials used. Companies like One Floor Up believe in the importance of crafting professional-looking and engaging creative materials for the purpose of branding. It is important to note that creative materials cover all advertising and marketing materials used for marketing, including websites, photos, videos, infographics, commercials, jingles, flyers, catalogs and other print materials.

The quality of the ad must be unquestionable, so be sure to hire competent staff with fresh ideas. If you don’t have an in-house team, you can retain the services of an agency to handle the marketing peripherals for you.

Be consistent.

Branding establishes your company or service as the best and only solution to your market’s problems or needs. This is why your creative materials must clearly deliver your message, establish your credibility, as well as form an emotional connection to your prospective clients or customers.

Ultimately, you do want them to click the “Order Now” button or add your items to their shopping cart, but that should be an after-effect of viewing your ads or your videos. The long-term goal is to make your brand their first choice whenever they think of the service or product you provide. For example, if your company sells bottled iced tea, you must become the first thing on their minds when they want a refreshing beverage.

Apart from quality materials and a consistent theme, your branding and marketing efforts must target the right people. Younger generations tend to spend more time on social networking sites, so blogs, list-type articles, quizzes, and videos would be more appealing to them. Corporate clients, on the other hand, respond to more traditional marketing efforts.

Knowing your audience is the key to successful marketing campaigns.

The Role of SIP and VoIP in Improving the Way We Communicate

A VOIP phoneRecent advancements in online telephony technology have allowed businesses of all sizes to decrease communication costs while enjoying a richer experience. Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) are some of the most widely used models of communication.

They both provide the foundations for Internet Protocol or IP technology. They connect calls via the internet, increasing productivity and providing opportunities for the user to save money. While people often use them together, they still have their differences.

SIP Defined

People often ask what SIP is used for and they usually tend to interchange the term with other standards. SIP is actually an efficient and powerful communications protocol that allows the user to send multimedia messages to several parties.

It is used by anyone who communicates over the internet with his or her mobile devices or computers. SIP can transmit all forms of media including video, voice, and data.

Companies – or those with remote workers and numerous branches whose workforces rely heavily on multimedia communications – favor SIP over other systems. However, it requires strong IT support as it is more difficult to set up than VoIP and other similar services.

Understanding VoIP

People use VoIP to send voice messages over the internet. Popular apps such as Skype rely on this technology, and they contribute to its already rapidly expanding industry. Unlike SIP, VoIP is more ideal for small businesses with a few other locations.

Key Differences

To put it simply, VoIP allows for the making and receiving calls over internal networks or the internet. People use SIP, conversely, to launch, change, or terminate the transfer of media such as VoIP calls. VoIP covers only voice messages while SIP can transfer any kind of media, often for free.

Businesses looking to improve their communication lines can benefit significantly from these two protocols. It is only a matter of whether they have the right support team to facilitate and maintain it.

Load Testing and Its Importance

A man working on web designAlmost everyone has experienced a website crashing. Whether it is your school’s website during enrollment season or a shopping site during sale periods, a crashing website is a hassle. Luckily, like other products available in the market, types of software also undergo numerous tests to gauge its capacity and capability. We call this process load testing.

You can perform load testing on various software, such as Java, business, economics, as well as educational ones. Take a closer look at the process and its importance in the various fields of businesses.

What is load testing?

There are various ways to test a software. These include performance testing, stress testing, and volume testing. Although these terms are quite synonymous, experts consider load testing the simplest form of performance testing.

It works by putting the system under various controlled extreme conditions. The point is to push the software beyond its peak limit to test how much it can handle and how far it can go. How the software reacts in the process would determine the next steps the company would take to improve and change it.

How important is load testing in software?

You test software for three important reasons. First, it examines its limits, enabling developers to know its weaknesses and determine their next course of action. Second, it optimizes page load time for better usage. After all, no one wants to wait more than a minute for a page to finish loading. Lastly, it lessens the possibility of crashing and downtimes. When a website is down even just for a couple of minutes, a business is surely set to lose money. Thus, you should avoid it at all costs.

Like other products, subjecting software to various tests and challenges is all done for its own betterment. The more you test them, the lesser the possibility of annoyed customers due to a crashed website.

Top 4 Mistakes to Avoid During Baseball Practice

A baseball player hitting a pitchIf you are a baseball coach, you’re probably aware of times when you’ve lost matches or given away championships you didn’t have to. Often, such moments are the result of mistakes that you could have avoided right from the training field. If your team is making any of the following errors during practice, now is the time to fix them.

Using the wrong training equipment

The equipment your team uses during training plays a great role in determining their performance come the game day. Trying to skimp on baseball gear, therefore, is a recipe for disaster. Radar Sports, LLC says get the appropriate equipment for the game, from the bats to the stalker radar gun, before the beginning of any training session.

Focusing on one aspect too much

While there’s nothing wrong in dedicating a little extra attention to an aspect of the game that you feel your team is struggling with, be careful not to overdo it. It could lead to boredom and apathy among your players. It’s best to keep segments short and train on fielding, hitting, throwing, pitching and base running at every session.

Insufficient fielding by the pitchers

It’s easy to let your pitchers not do any fielding, but the result can be disastrous. When your youth baseball team is practicing fielding, be sure to include all positions except that of the pitcher. Having your pitchers go through fielding drills helps them familiarize themselves with game situations.

Failing to stretch before and after training

Don’t let your players start training without doing stretching. The idea is simple stretching allows for energy to build up before they begin to practice. After the training session, stretching helps the players’ bodies wind down. Also, it’s a perfect opportunity for your players to socialize with each other and their coaches.

Of course, there are many other training errors that could cost your team’s performance during games, but these are some of the most common ones. Steering clear of them can drastically improve your squad this season.

What You Can Get from an Automated Bookkeeping System

BookkeepingCurrently, businesses need to keep up with the digital world, or they become obsolete themselves. Automated bookkeeping software is one of such important technological advancements.

As a business owner, you need to realize the importance of computerized accounting systems, and how your company can benefit from them.

Improve work efficiency and accuracy

Businesses can save a significant amount of time with bookkeeping software. As it does most of the work, your employees can focus on other tasks at hand making them more productive, which accounts for enhanced work efficiency.

An automated accounting system can do all the tedious tasks such as collating, printing, and issuing of payroll documents, receipts, and sales invoices, as well as improve payment collection and inventory control.

You can also lessen the risk of human error with an automated accounting system because it allows for more accurate data entry. Bookkeeping accuracy is important because this is where you base all the financial reports.

Accessible and secure data storage

Financial data is very important to any business because this is where they base how profitable they are. This is why many companies hold on to them for years. However, with manual bookkeeping, papers tend to pile up.

So, it may take a while for you to find what you are looking for and they are highly vulnerable to fires and other natural disasters. A digital accounting system can help keep your records safe from such disasters.

It can also make your data easily accessible to you whether they are on a local server or the cloud. Additionally, these data storages are very secure, so you do not have to worry about someone stealing them.

During times when you need to make quick accounting decisions, quickly share data, or collaborate with other companies, fast access to your financial record is a great help. Bookkeeping software can generate all kinds of report in a flash.