Why Written Job Instructions are More Effective than Phone Calls

On the Job Phone CallAlthough it seems that telephone calls are one of the fastest ways to communicate with one another, it is not an effective medium for relaying job instructions. When giving instructions to a co-worker or an employee, it is often better to provide it in writing instead.

Whether you send a message through emails or use something bit more organised, such as mobile job management software, providing written instructions is more efficient than phone calls for several reasons.

It Provides a Point of Reference

One of the advantages of sending written instructions is that it will always provide a point of reference for the worker. Remembering every single detail of a task can be challenging, so having it set down in writing will help them remember what to do. They can always re-read the message for clarity and to ensure that they closely follow the instructions.

It Allows Workers to Manage their Tasks

A phone call always demands a person’s immediate attention — as soon as a call comes in, they have to answer it. This means that they have to stop everything they are doing just to answer the call.

On the other hand, the person giving instructions has to wait until the person they are calling answers the telephone, wasting valuable time.

Providing written instructions will remedy this problem. The use of job management software makes the process even easier, as workers can manage their tasks more efficiently, while project managers can send instructions and work on something else while waiting for a reply.

It Improves the Work Flow

Unlike an email or a prepared task list, calls can be extremely disruptive to the workflow. On average, it takes 23 minutes and 15 seconds to resume a task after interruption. This may not seem like a lot of time wasted, but it adds up and can lead to hours of lost productivity.

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Written messages are less disruptive as the worker can focus on their current task before opening a new message.

When providing job instructions, written messages are simply more efficient and more cost-effective than phone calls.