From the Ground to the Cloud: Benefits of Cloud Storage to a Business

Cloud storage services in BrisbaneCloud storage services are gradually becoming popular. Businesses, large or small, have begun to transition from traditional media storage, such as flash drives and CDs to cloud storage available on the web.

Companies in Brisbane offering IT support services understand that many business owners look for a secure, non-physical location to safeguard important financial data. These companies then pitch their cloud backup services brand that enables owners to transfer their data to a secure server for a reasonable fee.

Business owners who do decide to purchase backup services from cloud vendors know that security is not the only benefit provided by cloud storage. Here are other benefits provided by cloud storage services:

 Reduced Costs

When owners move their data to the cloud, they eliminate the cost of hardware and maintenance associated with keeping these data. The result is significant cost savings. In addition, storing the data on the cloud reduces energy expenses since physical backup systems eat up a lot of energy.


Sometimes, power failures happen without a warning. Unless the business equipped their on-site storage facility with an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS), the stored data may be lost. Cloud storage prevents data loss since the files stored in a cloud will always be available. Even if internet connectivity is bad in the office or a natural disaster occurs, business owners can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that they can retrieve their data after the dust settles.


Business teams do not need to travel to one location just to get their files. Instead, they can obtain the files they need virtually anywhere as long as the organization grants access rights. This kind of set up promotes mobility opportunities to many businesses.

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There are so many cloud vendors out there offering identical storage services and business owners might wonder which cloud storage service to choose for their business. As a guide, these owners should consider the amount of security the cloud vendor provides and flexible storage options.