Before Shopping for Colocation Services, Read This

Colocation centerMany companies have their own servers. Small companies as well as large enterprises depend on company servers for centralized data, backup and recovery, as well as for web services. For some, having these servers within their company premises is all that they need.

When a company has several office locations in different parts of the country or the world, however, their servers are better off located outside of their offices. These companies use colocation services in an aim to keep their data secure and at the same time keep their IT functions running 24/7.

When looking for reliable colocation services, industry experts at Fiberpipe data center note that there are several things to consider.

Here are some of them:

1. Up-time

Servers have to be running 24/7. This means that the physical machines themselves are not allowed to fail due to power interruptions or due to bad connections. The main requirement is to be in a location far from natural disasters and fault lines, and having more than enough electricity and loads of bandwidth.

2. Location

For purposes of serving the whole enterprise, the colocated server should be easily accessible from any of the offices. Internet communications depends on the cables it runs through. This means that the shorter the distance, the less time that the messages get from one point to another. It is just logical to think that the location should be central to the company’s different offices across the country. Colo is something to think about when your office is located near the area.

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3. Technical know-how

Keeping the server running in a state-of-the-art facility requires personnel with an up-to-date understanding of server technology. If a problem occurs and it cannot be solved remotely, the server facility’s staff should be able to help solve the problem.

Every company will have their own decision criteria, and the above are just some of the requirements which they have to research in order to have the best services for server colocation.