Why You Should Encourage More Men to Join Your Gymnastics Classes

 Gymnastics ClassesGymnastics is undoubtedly a female dominated sport. While there are many male gymnasts that enjoy successful professional careers, women’s gymnastics is much more popular and celebrated.

So, let us say that you are a fitness instructor and that you are going through your check-in software at your gym. You notice that the trend is true: men have almost no interest in gymnastics.

If you were that gym instructor, what would you?

Tell Them Male Gymnastics is a Very Different Sport

Some men worry that gymnastics may seem emasculating. Most people are only aware of women’s gymnastics, which may include rhythmic movements and dancing. While men’s and women’s gymnastics are very similar disciplines, the truth is that they are very different from each other.

Men’s events focus more on strength and power while maintaining perfect form. On the other hand, women’s gymnastics is a combination of strength, grace, and yes, dance. Men should not worry about gymnastics being a “feminine” sport, because the requirements for them in competition are very different and decidedly masculine.

Tell Them About the Benefits of Gymnastic Exercises

Gymnastics for both sexes is incredibly beneficial. It improves flexibility, muscle control, and strength. It also has positive psychological benefits, because it improves self-esteem. After all, gymnastics is as much a form of performance art as it is a sport. You will learn to perform in front of a crowd and feel more at ease with yourself.

Gymnastics is also a fantastic sport for toning the entire body. Buzzfeed, for example, keeps posting photo compilations of Olympic gymnasts, admiring their toned and powerful bodies.

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Mention That Professional Male Gymnasts Have Longer Careers

For those who want to go the professional route, know that male gymnasts have longer careers. Generally, this is because men’s events are more focused on strength rather than pageantry. On top of this, the additional strength and weight gained by men during puberty are favorable in the sport. Female gymnasts who hit puberty usually suffer, because added weight caused by growth spurts may impact their gymnastic routines negatively.

More men should give gymnastics a chance. It is beneficial to their health, and may even give them a solid career if they choose to become professional athletes.