A Handheld Solution: Maximizing Warehouse Efficiency with Portable Printers

Maximizing WarehouseImproving warehouse management starts right from product reception at the pick-up dock, and one way warehouses are adapting this strategy is through the use of mobile labelling solutions. Why are they focusing their efforts on this, however? Labelling and identifying from the point of activity allows personnel to easily determine and track the various destinations of each product, thereby speeding up business operations.

Having mobile printers, therefore, makes for improved workflow, increased productivity and faster solutions. Furthermore, it allows workers to label from inconvenient locations and reduce errors.

Enhanced Productivity and Accuracy

The process of labelling products at the receiving dock can be tedious and time-consuming. Without a mobile system in place, receiving workers retrieve labels from the central office before they can start to label the items. The round-trip from the station to the dock, however, slows down productivity and carries the risk of workers incorrectly applying labels to the shipment.

Using portable printers, on the other hand, allows workers to label products as soon as they are unloaded. Labelling products right from the pick-up point ensures 100% accuracy. Once labelled, products are easier to store in their respective shelves.

Improved QA Process

Warehouses may have to deal with unidentified items or quality problems. Inspectors responsible for quality assurance, or QA, may use mobile printers to their advantage and apply a tracking label tag. Products sent over to QA may easily be marked as ‘pass’, ‘rework’, or ‘reject’ labels, to avoid instances of mixing up items.

Faster Packaging for Finished Goods

Errors may happen during the packaging process, especially when workers get confused between items that look similar. A portable printer eliminates this risk because once the assembly and packaging phases are through, a worker can easily generate a label to identify the completed good right away. Producing individual labels with unique bar codes distinguishes one item from the rest as well, which reduces instances of confusing one product for another.

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Portable printers are the solution in speeding up overall warehouse operations. Warehouses that employ mobile printing solutions can enjoy enhanced productivity, improved quality assurance and faster packaging of goods.