Look Fast: Non-Verbal Cues You Shouldn’t Miss When Being Interviewed

An applicant being interviewedMost people rely on saying the right things or looking the right way when going in for a job interview. For people who’ve had their fair share of job interviews, they eventually learn about the little nuances that count.

If you are a newbie in interviews, then take note that it’s not just about your resume and your answers to your interviewer’s questions that count. If you want to have at least an idea of whether you did well or not, carefully observe your interviewer.

What to Watch Out for From Start to Finish

The interviewer determines the success of your application. That’s a given, and sometimes it’s hard to tell if an interview went well once it’s over. Staffing firms like Zilker Partners believe in hiring the right person at the right time, which is why interviewers are quick to decide if they’d want to give an applicant the time of day.

Their non-verbal cues are the most crucial part of the meeting, and it’s important that you spot them immediately. Here are some you might have already noticed:

  • Eye contact – If your interviewer keeps eye contact with you, then it shows that they are at least interested in what you have to say.
  • Gesture – The little movements such as nodding their head in agreement to what you’ve said or raising their eyebrows in confusion can help you figure out how you should proceed.
  • Posture – If the interviewer is relaxed and leaning a little towards you, then they’re engaged. If you do notice them leaning away from you with a stiff posture, then start considering what you should do next because it’s an indication that they might not think you’re the right fit.
  • Facial expression – One of the most natural non-verbal cues to read, if they’re smiling or if they look interested, then you’re doing fine. If you see a frown or a confused look, then you might have to tailor your answers in such a way that will bring them back to engaging with you.
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It’s Not Just About Them

Your interviewer’s cues aren’t the only things you should be aware of. As it is your job interview, your actions also play a part in their decision making. Make sure you make an excellent first impression by showing up on time.

Wear the proper attire, clean yourself up, and be attentive throughout the interview. Show interest in the company and in the position you want. Pay attention to your gestures and posture as well. Remember, actions are just as significant as words.