Download Psiphon For PC New Version for Windows 7/8/8.1/10

The internet is an open ocean, where one can delve into the depths of this ocean and find all the information that they need. However, there are still some restrictions that people might face in their internet access. Certain governments and countries have put up strict barriers, restricting their user’s movements around the internet. Psiphon for Windows Download Many websites have been restricted, even blocked. Users are unable to exercise their freedom of speech on this world wide forum and are unable to visit many websites due to these restrictions. These users often wish that they had a tool which would let them enter into this impermeable membrane that the government has imposed on their internet usage.

Well, now there is a tool that can be used! And the best part is, that it is completely free to download and use! However, keep in mind that you will be crossing over the legal barriers when you download and use this application. This could lead to legal consequences and actions taken against you. It is thus advisable to be aware of these consequences before taking any steps.

Psiphon for PC is the name of the amazing tool which you can download to enjoy unrestricted internet access. You can download this application on your Android devices, iOS devices and on your Windows PC. You can use your own computer to enter into restricted internet websites, or you can use your computer as a proxy for other users. You can create multiple accounts on psiphon and protect each account with a password. You can then share the password and account with users who want to use your computer as a proxy to enter into restricted websites on the internet.

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What are some of the reasons why certain websites cannot be accessed by you? :

  1. Certain types of videos, documents and websites are blocked and protected from certain countries by the Government for various reasons.
  2. Certain resources can be blocked by your local Internet Service Provider.
  3. Certain websites, pages, documents and videos might be blocked by the network of a certain school, college or management.

In these cases, it can be very difficult for certain users to cross over the barrier to visit some of the websites which they are wanting to. By using Psiphon for PC, you can jump over these barriers, while at the same time keep your user identity completely hidden from others tracking you down. The software of Psiphon for PC helps you to mask your internet identity so that you can anonymously browse certain restricted web pages without any sort of issues or barriers.

How to download Psiphon for PC:

  • You will need to download an Android Emulator, such as Bluestacks on your PC in order to download this app called Psiphon for PC
  • Once you have downloaded the Android Emulator of your choice, open the search bar or the Play Store on your android emulator and type Psiphon download.
  • You will find a red logo with the letter P on it. This is the official logo of Psiphon. Click on this logo and allow the application to completely download Bluestacks on PC. This might take a few minutes.
  • Once the application has completely downloaded on your PC, the icon will appear on your desktop.
  • Optionally, you can also search for downloading the APK file of Psiphon for PC. Simply click on this file and allow it to download via BlueStacks android emulator. Once it has downloaded completely, you are free to use the internet as you wish!
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The internet is a wonderful source of finding information of all kinds. Now, enjoy your unrestricted access of the internet using Psiphon for PC.