Be a Good Leader at the Workplace with These Tips

a leader and his teamAs a CEO, business manager or top executive, you’ve been given the position to change things. Your job is not just about earning money; it’s about helping the company grow and empowering your people.

So, if you want to be a role model and a good leader in the workplace, remember Uncle Ben’s famous line in the Spider-Man series: “With great power comes great responsibility.” Don’t forget these points too:

1. Never stop learning

You may be holding a top position, but you should know that you still have a lot to learn. Read more books, attend workshops and consider professional coaching services for improvement.

The more you are open to discussions, suggestions and even criticisms, the more you’ll be able to solve problems, answer questions and deal with various situations easily. So keep on learning and keep your mind open to possibilities.

2. Treat your staff like a “team.”

You’ve heard the saying “treat your friends like family,” but it’s not something you should apply in the workplace. Instead, treat your employees like a team, in which you have an objective to fulfill, a goal to pursue and space where you can share ideas.

But this doesn’t set aside respect and courtesy that you should exhibit when dealing with your people. It also doesn’t neglect the fact that you must address and understand their needs. The emphasis may be on hard work, but don’t forget to be kind, honest, humble and respectful.

3. Appreciate your job

Finally, you have to be passionate about what you’re doing. If you don’t love your job, you’ll never be happy, and it’ll reflect on how you’ll accomplish a task or treat your people.

If something’s not working out well for you, change your outlook and challenge yourself to turn the situation into something positive. Don’t forget to find inspiration daily so you can show your best self to your people.

Video Conferencing in the Healthcare Industry

On going video conference

On going video conferenceDigital communication technology had significantly advanced in the early 90s after video conferencing was introduced for commercial and public use. Video conferencing made it possible for you to lively see and speak with someone through an electronic device or personal computer who could be in another country.

Nowadays, the technology has been an integral part of many businesses due to its various advantages that mainly break communication barriers that could be a hindrance to business growth.

Choosing what business phone solution to use

Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) and Primary Rate Interface (PRI) experts have an ongoing SPI vs PRI debate on which of the two solutions has more advantages. Both telephone connection solutions let businesses use video conferencing to their advantage. It is important that you research what solution your business will require for you to avoid costly mistakes.

Some of the critical roles of video conferencing in businesses

Unlike traditional communication means, video conferencing allows several people to see and interact with each other at once like in a conventional meeting. In a healthcare set up, video conferencing helps medical professionals in reducing travel time and cost, letting them focus more on important duties.

Remember the scene in the movie “3 Idiots” where a woman is laboring and a doctor uses video conferencing in giving instructions as bad weather made it impossible for the patient to be transported to a hospital. Video conferencing has been capable of helping more patients to see their doctors immediately. Medical training has become efficient with video conferencing because the speaker no longer needs to meet the trainees even it includes surgery emulations physically.

Video conferencing technology is critical in almost any business industry as it breaks communication barriers of business operations. When choosing a phone solution, it is important that you research what your business needs to avoid costly mistakes in the future.

Understanding the Basics in Purchase Order Acknowledgements

ProductThe Purchase Order Response (ORDRSP) is an EDI document and is the electronic variety of a Purchase Order Acknowledgment (POA). This is in the EDIFACT standard instead of the ANSI X12 EDI system, which is normally used in North America. Consumer product companies issue ORDRSP to let customers know that they will file their purchase orders (PO) as requested.

Otherwise, they will inform them using cloud-based purchase order management software if there are any changes on the PO. SourceDay explains that this helps notify the buyer if the supplier cannot accomplish the PO, such as disagreeing with the terms listed on the order or if items are out of stock.

What information is listed on the Purchase Order Acknowledgment document?

A Purchase Order Acknowledgment EDI file is arranged into data and segment elements. A segment can include one data element, while each of these elements has a data field.

Moreover, data elements contain examples similar to a PDF or a paper POA. These include the reject or acknowledgement indication, vendor address information, vendor number, and purchase order number. This offers endless fields that are open for configuration, but it will depend on the requirements of the retailer.

How can you use the Purchase Order Acknowledgment?

After getting the Purchase Order from a retailer, the supplier will respond with the POA.

By informing the retail customer of the amount of PO you are filing, they’ll know the quantity they are open-to-buy. In short, they’ll have an idea how much funds they need to purchase new merchandise. As soon as the buyer receives the POA, you will receive an automated Functional Acknowledgment document mentioning that they got it successfully. This creates transparency between a brand (you) and a buyer.

As more pure-plays, consumer product businesses, and traditional retailers concentrate on digital retail, Purchase Order Acknowledgement is becoming more common. In fact, Australian retail is largely moving in the course of more refined and EDI supply chains — which is, of course, good news.


What You Can Get from Industrial Air Filtration Systems

Air Filtration SystemFor many companies, it’s crucial to invest in industrial air filtration systems no matter how hard it is to justify the costs.

Your company can easily revert to other low-cost alternatives such as exhausting unfiltered air outside instead of using a down draft table, for instance. While this may be convenient, it has negative environmental effects.

Obviously, using air filtration systems has its environmental benefits. It may even be strictly required, depending on what industry it would be applied, by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). But, its financial benefits should also be considered and taken into account.

Environmental Gains

Industrial air filtration systems provide a way to extract harmful fumes, dust, particles, and other industrial items that can get into the air. These objects are not only harmful to the environment, but also to the health of workers and the people living around industrial establishments that produce them. In some cases, industrial particles that are highly combustible are extracted to avoid fire.

For example, a down draft table extracts contaminants downwards and collects them. This helps clean the air around a workstation, eliminating any tendency to contaminate a clean air. With it, a worker, the community where an industrial establishment operating it, and the environment are safe.

Financial Gains

Air filtration system in the workplace is a good financial investment, as it can help a company reduce heating costs. This is especially true for industrial companies in cold regions.

As fumes build up in a building, work area, or shop, it may be unavoidable to use more exhaust fans, or even open windows and doors to let the harmful air out. But, in cold areas, opening windows and doors is not advisable.

On the other hand, letting harmful fumes escape into the air outside is bad for the environment. The best way to answer this kind of industrial problem is to install an efficient air filtration system.

Why You Should Trace Your Electrical Wiring

Electrical WiringWhen planning on doing some renovation at home, whether it’s as simple as mounting a new flat screen TV or opening up a space between two rooms, it is important to know your electrical circuits. To do this, you need to trace the wires inside your walls without damaging the wirings and the wall itself. Tracing your electrical wiring can also make your home a lot safer. Knowing which outlets are connected to which circuits can help in planning the positioning of your appliances and prevent overloading.

Tools for Tracing Electrical Wiring

There are lots of tools you can use to trace your electrical wiring, as well as help in your other home projects. One of these is the stud finder. Electronic stud finders produce an electrical field which can change when near denser regions of the wall. Some models are also capable of detecting wires behind walls.

A voltage detector is another useful thing to have around. With this, you can test whether the wire is live or not. This is very helpful in determining which wire is which especially if you come across a tangle of wires.

You may also use a live circuit tracer which is made specifically for finding wires behind walls or underground. However, circuit tracers can be expensive. If you are not going to do a lot of wiring work, it may be best to borrow from a friend or rent one from your local electrician.

Safety First!

Working with electricity can be quite dangerous. Because of this, some places only allow licensed electricians to repair or install additional wirings. Before starting your work, be sure to check with local laws and building codes that apply to your project.

Always wear the proper protective equipment while you’re working and handle all your tools with care. Also, be on the lookout for exposed nails, wires, and other potential hazards.

Faulty wiring can be a cause of electrocution or fire so follow every step carefully.

Most modern homes come with detailed electrical blueprints. However, if your house is an older structure, knowing its electrical wirings can make it a safer place for you and your family. As with most renovation projects, if you think electrical tracing is too much for you, don’t be too proud to call in the experts.

3 Reasons to Hire Internet Marketing Experts

Internet Marketing in Denver

Internet Marketing in DenverBusinesses, no matter the size, should all have an online presence. This is because most of the potential customers they can get are relying on the internet for their wants and needs. If you don’t have a website and social media accounts, you’re missing a lot of leads that might one day become loyal clients of your business. When building an online presence, here are some reasons to hire internet marketing experts to help you out.

Because They Know How Keywords Work

Internet marketing experts know how keywords work because they are up-to-date and experienced regarding SEO trends and techniques. Finding and using the right keywords will greatly affect how many site visitors you’ll have. The more targeted your keywords are, the more hits you’ll get from the right people who are actually interested in what you are offering.

Because They Know How to Develop and Design Your Site

You need a great Denver website developer and website designer to make sure your site functions and appear well. Doing it yourself is risky, especially if you don’t have much experience in web development and design. While there are free templates to use, this isn’t advisable because you need to create a unique website to stand out and make a mark.

Because They Understand Copywriting Well

Content is king when it comes to turning casual visitors into loyal customers. You must deliver high-quality content consistently so that your visitors will have a good impression of your business. Your website copy should be well-written so they would be encouraged to take more time to get to know your business and offerings. Copywriters have what it takes to produce content that will make people want to fill up that cart of schedule a service.

These are just some of the many reasons you should hire online marketing experts now. You’ll invest money to get their services, but the long-term results will make everything worth it.

Planning to Go Solar: What You Need to Know Before Buying Solar Panels

Installing Solar Panels

Installing Solar PanelsYou have heard about how solar panels can potentially reduce the amount of power you use from the grid, leading to savings in your electric bill while doing a kindness toward the environment.

A homeowner cannot simply choose to install solar panels, especially on their own, as there are some special considerations. Read on and find out what you should check for first, before calling a legitimate contractor for solar panels installation.

  1. Can your roof handle the load? The weight of the panels is not exactly punishing and most roofs can bear it, but it is still additional weight. If your roof has problems — leaks, holes, broken, cracked or missing shingles, etc. — you need to fix or even replace it, especially if it is showing signs of caving in. The best candidates for installing panels are asphalt shingle roofs, but talk to your contractor if they can install on your roof even if it is of a different type.
  2. Is your roof exposed to the sun? There is a proper orientation that works best for using sunlight to power your home using solar panels. Find out which direction that is. You may also have to get a permit to remove some tree branches that are casting a big shadow over the area you intend to have the panels installed, says
  3. Do you need a permit for installing the panels? Your local authority may or may not require a permit. However, it is best to ask your contractor to take care of this matter as they are more likely to know whether a permit is needed in your area. Your local homeowners’ association may also have requirements.
  4. Should you connect back to the grid? It is more cost-effective to connect back to the grid than to rely merely on batteries. Ask your contractor to give you a computation of the savings you will enjoy even if you stay on-grid. Apart from installing solar panels, look for other ways to save on your usage. Replace old light bulbs with LED lighting, for instance, and get rid of old appliances that use up too much energy. If your panels generate more energy than you can use, the extra power will revert back to the grid, giving you an extra opportunity to save via rebates.

Generally speaking, installing solar panels is beneficial for homeowners and the environment. Before calling a contractor, however, learn everything you can about using solar power.

Powerful Solar Storm that Can Wipe Out World’s Power May Occur Next Decade

Solar StormIn 1859, a powerful geomagnetic storm hit the Earth and caused telegraph lines to explode. It resulted in power outages across Europe and North America.

If a similarly powerful solar storm hit the planet today, the effects would be far more devastating because of the technologically reliant civilization we have.

Unfortunately, the possibility of another Carrington event happening is not far-fetched. Aware of this possibility, the White House has already come up with action plans should a powerful solar storm hit the planet again.

What Could Happen if a Powerful Solar Storm Hits Earth?

Research suggests there's a 12 percent possibility that a powerful solar storm would occur in the next decade. Just like with other natural calamities, unwanted events could occur. A powerful storm may penetrate our magnetic field, damage our electric power system, and bring our civilization back into the dark ages in as little as a few hours.

Without electric power, we cannot use many of the devices we rely so much on in this modern world, such as computers, home appliances, and ATMs.

A 2008 study has found that if a similar event happened today, it would have devastating economic consequences 20 times the economic impact of Hurricane Katrina.

Are You Prepared?

A power outage after a powerful solar storm may last months. It may take a long time to replace damaged transformers. Humless Reliable Power Systems says it may help if you have a portable solar generator powerful enough to provide crucial backup power when outages strike.

Basic emergency preparedness can also boost your chances of surviving and bouncing back after a disaster. Experts recommend having evacuation routes and a family emergency plan. Have an emergency kit that contains medication, flashlight, non-perishable food, and water.

It may be trivial to prepare for an emergency, but your preparation could be your lifeline when calamity strikes.

Money You Don’t See: How Much is Your Company Losing & Why?

Company LossYour company is making more money than you think. Most business owners and managers are unaware of this, or if they are aware they are too busy managing the day-to-day operations of the business and trust their accounting and project managers to keep track of expenses versus profit.

To make sure you know exactly what’s going on with your finances, consider doing the following.

Get Rid of Black Holes

Black holes are those parts of your business that suck in money without generating anything in return. Your first step can be deciding who among your employees are like this; you pay them their salary and provide them benefits yet all they do is hang out by the cooler to find out who’s dating who. These are your weak links; people who do not perform the task they are being paid to perform. Talk to your legal department regarding the steps you can take to get rid of such people if they refuse to perform even after a conversation with your HR.

Do a close scrutiny of your processes. There are companies you may hire to perform such checks. Know what parts of your processes are making them take longer or cost more. If you can get rid of those parts, your company will save money while becoming more efficient.

Know Your Money

Every penny counts, and knowing exactly where each one goes is good for your business. Your accounting manager and staff should be reliable and trustworthy. Have them undergo Deltek Cobra training from LoadSpring so you can find the real value of EVM (Earned Value Management) and make the most of your resources, among others.

There are different ways to find out how much you’re really making and how much of the money you’re currently losing can be saved. Take some time to check and you’ll see how much more money you should be earning and keeping.

USA Continues to Battle it Out with Hackers

GitHubGitHub, a coding site from the United States, said last Sunday that what caused the intermittent outages for the social coding site were cyber-attacks, which lasted for days, with the China pointed as the source of the attack, according to the Wall Street Journal.

The coding site said in their twitter account that “Eighty-seven hours in, our mitigation is deflecting most attack traffic. We’re aware of intermittent issues and continue to adapt our response,”

According to experts, the attack disguises as flood traffic, also called as a distributed denial of service, or DDos attack. Such attacks are one of the most common on the Internet.

The Wall Street Journal also stated that a search engine from china called Baidu Inc., flooded GitHub with Internet traffic. They also added that the Chinese run organization were targeting two pages from GitHub that linked to copies of sites that are restricted in China

GitHub stated on its blog that such attacks started as early as Thursday morning. They also said, “it involves a combination of attack vectors.”

The blog post  added that “These include every vector we’ve seen in previous attacks as well as some sophisticated new techniques that use the web browsers of unsuspecting, uninvolved people to flood with high levels of traffic,”

“Based on reports we’ve received, we believe the intent of this attack is to convince us to remove a specific class of content.”

GitHub is one of the most established companies in the United States that supply social coding tools for developers and prides itself as one of the few large-scale code host that currently persist in the whole world.

A Baidu spokesperson from Beijing said in a report that the company has recently conducted a detailed investigation and came up with the conclusion that a security problem on Baidu’s side nor hacking problems caused such attack.

The spokesperson added that, “We have notified other security organizations and are working to get to the bottom of this,”

Experts suggest that the United States government must act swiftly to address such problem. Since the previous year, there has been a steady increase of cyber-attacks arising from china. They said that such attack endangers not only America alone but also the whole world as these hackers also target military data. Quite recently, Washington accused china of stealing important documents, which include top-secret information about the designs of the new F-35 jet fighter.