Four SEO Best Practices for E-Commerce Websites

SEOE-commerce is a huge venture that’s bound to grow even further as more people take their shopping online. Constant growth, however, means constant competition. Whether you’ve been in e-commerce for several years or are just starting, it’s important to stand out by staying ahead of the pack. You can achieve this by applying these practices to your e-commerce website.

Get an SEO Consultant

If you’re thinking of hiring an SEO consultant, make sure you find one who specialises in e-commerce. A consultant who understands the special SEO needs of an e-commerce website will help make sure your store stands out and maximise your profits.

Do the Right Keyword Research

Too often, companies try to target either very broad or highly competitive keywords. Instead of going for the extremes keywords-wise, target keywords that are highly relevant to your product, have high local search volume and score a low difficulty rate in whatever keyword tool you’re using.

Organise the Structure of Your Website

Create a solid internal link structure by organising pages by category and sub-category. This ensures Google’s bots can crawl and index the pages of your website. This not only improves your site’s rankings but also makes it easier for your visitors to explore the site.

Optimise Internal Pages

With Google’s emphasis on unique content, it’s crucial to optimise both category and product pages with content not found anywhere else on the web. For instance, if you have thousands of product pages, start with the bestsellers.

Encourage User-Generated Content

As it can take forever to write unique descriptions for each product, it would be best to take advantage of user-generated content. These types of content improve each page’s SEO and boost conversion rates. In fact, research shows a majority of online shoppers buy products only after they have read the reviews.

These practices can help you boost the SEO on your site. Although managing an e-commerce store may not be easy, it is possible to succeed when you do great SEO for your site.

7-Step SEO Audit You’ll Need this 2017

seo services in Brisbane
Is your current SEO campaign no longer working? Perhaps it’s time to perform an SEO audit for your website. After all, SEO is an industry that is constantly changing. Plus, with all the expected Google updates this 2017, it seems that an audit will not only be beneficial in checking site optimisation issues but will also be instrumental in adjusting to the possible changes in the industry.

Here is a quick seven-step SEO audit you may want to perform this year:

Determine Your Strategic Objectives

As SEO experts in Brisbane always say, it is essential to determine your strategic objectives whenever you start or revise a campaign. These sets of objectives will help you keep your campaign focused and achieve your goals in the end.

Re-examine Your Current Set of Keywords

Are you targeting the right, quality keywords? During the audit, the keyword analysis will give you an idea of which keywords are performing well and which ones are not.

Validate Your Keywords

Now that you know which keywords to focus on, the next thing to do is to validate them. The best way to do it is through a competitor analysis. This way, you’ll know how competitive your keywords are.

Identify Technical Issues

Apart from problems in the selection of keywords, you must also check if there are technical issues on your site. Does the website load fast enough? Is there any duplicate content? These problems can hurt the user experience, as well as your search engine performance.

Perform Page-Level Analysis

From looking at the whole website, now is the time to inspect each page. Check if each keyword-targeted landing page is updated and correctly optimised.

Inspect the Content

With the rise of 10x content and semantic search, ‘good’ content no longer works efficiently. Re-shape your current content strategy and improve it with all the Google updates in mind.

Do a Link Analysis

Are your backlinks strong enough? Spend a large portion of your audit time analysing your link profile. Don’t forget to check the link relevance, authority, and diversity. After all, backlinks can make or break any SEO campaign.

After the first audit, make audits a habit and perform them at least once every quarter. This way, you can make sure that your website always works perfectly.  If doing so sounds a lot of work for you, professional SEO companies can do the regular audits for you.

Tech Advancements: The Rising Need for IT Specialists

IT SpecialistAdvancements in technology and software call for specialised skills in handling programs. More often than not, companies dedicate a team of IT experts to handle the technological aspects of their business. Here are three simplest and most practical reasons why businesses do so:

1. Cost Efficient

ALLTEKS Ltd reports that companies providing IT support services are on the rise in Kent and other parts of South East England. This is because outsourcing IT is more cost-efficient than forming an in-house team. Businesses will be able to reduce the costs of training their own personnel, as there are experts who are readily available to do the job. Moreover, having an independent team that would solely take care of IT concerns allows you and your employees to focus more on running your core business. With outsourcing, you only pay for what your business use.

2. Cope with Advancements

Advancements in software and technology happen a lot, not to mention quickly. A team dedicated to handling your company’s IT concerns can lessen the burden of having to learn and cope with such advancements. This means training and certification will not be required and spent for.

3. Risk Reduction, Enhanced Security and Recovery Options

Malfunctions do happen, and often at the most unexpected time. In running a business, such setbacks should be minimised. If not, avoided at all cost. IT specialists can provide risk reduction mechanisms through enhanced security and recovery options.

Risks of data loss due to hacking, fire or any accident can lessen with the help of specialists. Aside from being able to retrieve lost files immediately, they can enhance security. No business is exempted from the threats of hacking and viruses. That is why it is important to always have an enhanced security.

Businesses are learning to cope with the demands of advancements in technology, thus the increasing importance of IT specialists. Do not let your business get left behind, check on the standing of your IT team now.

Why Written Job Instructions are More Effective than Phone Calls

On the Job Phone CallAlthough it seems that telephone calls are one of the fastest ways to communicate with one another, it is not an effective medium for relaying job instructions. When giving instructions to a co-worker or an employee, it is often better to provide it in writing instead.

Whether you send a message through emails or use something bit more organised, such as mobile job management software, providing written instructions is more efficient than phone calls for several reasons.

It Provides a Point of Reference

One of the advantages of sending written instructions is that it will always provide a point of reference for the worker. Remembering every single detail of a task can be challenging, so having it set down in writing will help them remember what to do. They can always re-read the message for clarity and to ensure that they closely follow the instructions.

It Allows Workers to Manage their Tasks

A phone call always demands a person’s immediate attention — as soon as a call comes in, they have to answer it. This means that they have to stop everything they are doing just to answer the call.

On the other hand, the person giving instructions has to wait until the person they are calling answers the telephone, wasting valuable time.

Providing written instructions will remedy this problem. The use of job management software makes the process even easier, as workers can manage their tasks more efficiently, while project managers can send instructions and work on something else while waiting for a reply.

It Improves the Work Flow

Unlike an email or a prepared task list, calls can be extremely disruptive to the workflow. On average, it takes 23 minutes and 15 seconds to resume a task after interruption. This may not seem like a lot of time wasted, but it adds up and can lead to hours of lost productivity.

Written messages are less disruptive as the worker can focus on their current task before opening a new message.

When providing job instructions, written messages are simply more efficient and more cost-effective than phone calls.

Before Shopping for Colocation Services, Read This

Colocation centerMany companies have their own servers. Small companies as well as large enterprises depend on company servers for centralized data, backup and recovery, as well as for web services. For some, having these servers within their company premises is all that they need.

When a company has several office locations in different parts of the country or the world, however, their servers are better off located outside of their offices. These companies use colocation services in an aim to keep their data secure and at the same time keep their IT functions running 24/7.

When looking for reliable colocation services, industry experts at Fiberpipe data center note that there are several things to consider.

Here are some of them:

1. Up-time

Servers have to be running 24/7. This means that the physical machines themselves are not allowed to fail due to power interruptions or due to bad connections. The main requirement is to be in a location far from natural disasters and fault lines, and having more than enough electricity and loads of bandwidth.

2. Location

For purposes of serving the whole enterprise, the colocated server should be easily accessible from any of the offices. Internet communications depends on the cables it runs through. This means that the shorter the distance, the less time that the messages get from one point to another. It is just logical to think that the location should be central to the company’s different offices across the country. Colo is something to think about when your office is located near the area.

3. Technical know-how

Keeping the server running in a state-of-the-art facility requires personnel with an up-to-date understanding of server technology. If a problem occurs and it cannot be solved remotely, the server facility’s staff should be able to help solve the problem.

Every company will have their own decision criteria, and the above are just some of the requirements which they have to research in order to have the best services for server colocation.

From the Ground to the Cloud: Benefits of Cloud Storage to a Business

Cloud storage services in BrisbaneCloud storage services are gradually becoming popular. Businesses, large or small, have begun to transition from traditional media storage, such as flash drives and CDs to cloud storage available on the web.

Companies in Brisbane offering IT support services understand that many business owners look for a secure, non-physical location to safeguard important financial data. These companies then pitch their cloud backup services brand that enables owners to transfer their data to a secure server for a reasonable fee.

Business owners who do decide to purchase backup services from cloud vendors know that security is not the only benefit provided by cloud storage. Here are other benefits provided by cloud storage services:

 Reduced Costs

When owners move their data to the cloud, they eliminate the cost of hardware and maintenance associated with keeping these data. The result is significant cost savings. In addition, storing the data on the cloud reduces energy expenses since physical backup systems eat up a lot of energy.


Sometimes, power failures happen without a warning. Unless the business equipped their on-site storage facility with an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS), the stored data may be lost. Cloud storage prevents data loss since the files stored in a cloud will always be available. Even if internet connectivity is bad in the office or a natural disaster occurs, business owners can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that they can retrieve their data after the dust settles.


Business teams do not need to travel to one location just to get their files. Instead, they can obtain the files they need virtually anywhere as long as the organization grants access rights. This kind of set up promotes mobility opportunities to many businesses.

There are so many cloud vendors out there offering identical storage services and business owners might wonder which cloud storage service to choose for their business. As a guide, these owners should consider the amount of security the cloud vendor provides and flexible storage options.

Why Your Business Needs Insurance

Signing a Business InsuranceFor many small business owners, insurance is a problem. It begins when a business owner looks at it as an expense alone. While it is true that insurance is not cheap, it is an expense you have to be willing to shoulder. The reason is simple: without insurance, your business is exposed to different risks that will definitely lead to more expenses.

Business Insurance

If there was a way to predict the future, perhaps, the absence of business insurance can be justified. But it’s not a perfect world and predicting is best left to the superstitious. A fire, a flood, a hurricane, a tornado, an earthquake, or any other natural and catastrophic phenomenon can level your business to the ground. Without business insurance, everything you ever worked hard for will be lost completely.

Liability Insurance

It takes only one box of office supplies falling on someone to get you in trouble. If a customer slips on the floor of your restaurant because someone neglected to put up a sign on a freshly mopped area, that’s even more, trouble. Liability insurance can protect you from such things. As for employees, you also need insurance for their benefit.

Personal Injury

You and your employees can benefit from insurance coverage in case of personal injury. Paying for hospitalization and medicines out of pocket is very expensive. If someone gets hurt on your factory floor, it also opens your business up to the next topic.


If someone gets hurt on your factory floor and calls their lawyer to build a case against you, insurance can protect you and your business. Of course, you may fight the case or talk to the other party about a settlement. Whatever happens, you will still see how insurance benefits you.

How can You Manage all of it?

That’s a lot of insurance, especially if you have a lot of properties and employees. To make sure you don’t lose track, you may hire a company offering case management solutions. Such a company may also take care of tracking all the insurance you have, including all documentation.

Insurance may not be cheap, but it is very important. Don’t wait until you need it before you buy it.

Get an A+ for Your CompTIA A+

CompTIA A+ Test PreparationA career in IT is more than rewarding. There’s more to it than dealing with common hardware problems. You also gain access to the latest and most sophisticated technologies before anyone else does. More importantly, there are many career advancement opportunities in this field.

If you want to up your career in IT, it’s advisable that you take a CompTIA A+ test. Some claim that the certification test is difficult. But if you prepare enough, you’ll have greater odds of passing it.

Here are some pointers to help you out.

Get Yourself a Trusty Guide

If you’re reviewing by yourself, you should get a set of reliable learning materials. They may be expensive, but keep in mind that they’re good investments. If you can’t afford all these guides and books, you may borrow them from a friend who took the test. You may also go online for free resources.

Enroll in a Test Preparation Center

Don’t hesitate to enroll in a test preparation center if you find it hard to study on your own. These review centers have instructors that will help you learn the areas you don’t understand. You may also choose to get a private tutor if you’re not comfortable studying in groups.

Practice with an Old Computer

To further understand what you’re studying, you should apply what you’ve learned to real life situations. If you have an old computer at home, you may take it apart and study each individual part. Familiarize yourself with cables, boards, cards, and drives.

Take a Practice Quiz

At the end of each manual or guide, there’s usually a set of quizzes that you need to answer. Treat it like it’s the real exam. Time yourself as you answer the questions. You may also ask a friend to quiz you if you feel like practicing through oral recitation.

Relax — this is the most important thing you need to remember. Don’t stress yourself over the results. You know you’ll pass the test if you’ve prepared enough.

The Right Way to Clean and Care For Your LCD TV


LCD TVChances are, you’ve had an old-school Cathode-ray tube (CRT) television and you have cleaned it a couple of times. These types of television have glass surfaces and cleaning them is pretty much the same with cleaning other glass objects in your home.

LCD or LED screen monitors are a completely different matter and require special care during cleanup. Below, Nino’s Trading Company shares some tips on how to take care of your TV’s in this short care and cleaning guide.

1. Make sure that your television is turned off. This is to make sure that you don’t disrupt its electrical processes. Besides, it’s easier to see the dirt on your screen when the screen is all black.

2. The best cloth to use would be microfiber cloth, but if that’s not readily available, you can also use any cloth that is soft and dry. Wipe the screen very gently. If you have dirt that’s hard to remove, do not scrub too hard. Use a small amount of distilled water and scrub it slowly and gently.

3. You can use multipurpose cleaners to wipe off dirt from the plastic covering that surrounds the screen, but be careful not to get any on the screen itself.

4. Do not use toilet paper, paper towels or old cotton shirts to wipe your TV screen. They may appear soft to the touch, but microscopically speaking, they are not and may cause scratches on the surface.

5. Stay clear of products that contain ammonia or acetone. They will cause permanent discoloration by reacting with the liquid crystal display. Furthermore, do not use any liquids on the screen itself.

Your LCD and LED TV is categorized under sensitive appliances. Proper care must be used in order to avoid any problems in the future. Keep your television off or on screensaver mode when not in use and avoid disassembling it without reason. This may void the warranty and cause a bigger problem than an unclean screen.

Finally, if you want to get rid of your TV, a little research about community and city laws on proper electronic product disposal. The product contains a small amount of mercury, so you must be careful when handling old LCD TV’s.