Look Fast: Non-Verbal Cues You Shouldn’t Miss When Being Interviewed

An applicant being interviewedMost people rely on saying the right things or looking the right way when going in for a job interview. For people who’ve had their fair share of job interviews, they eventually learn about the little nuances that count.

If you are a newbie in interviews, then take note that it’s not just about your resume and your answers to your interviewer’s questions that count. If you want to have at least an idea of whether you did well or not, carefully observe your interviewer.

What to Watch Out for From Start to Finish

The interviewer determines the success of your application. That’s a given, and sometimes it’s hard to tell if an interview went well once it’s over. Staffing firms like Zilker Partners believe in hiring the right person at the right time, which is why interviewers are quick to decide if they’d want to give an applicant the time of day.

Their non-verbal cues are the most crucial part of the meeting, and it’s important that you spot them immediately. Here are some you might have already noticed:

  • Eye contact – If your interviewer keeps eye contact with you, then it shows that they are at least interested in what you have to say.
  • Gesture – The little movements such as nodding their head in agreement to what you’ve said or raising their eyebrows in confusion can help you figure out how you should proceed.
  • Posture – If the interviewer is relaxed and leaning a little towards you, then they’re engaged. If you do notice them leaning away from you with a stiff posture, then start considering what you should do next because it’s an indication that they might not think you’re the right fit.
  • Facial expression – One of the most natural non-verbal cues to read, if they’re smiling or if they look interested, then you’re doing fine. If you see a frown or a confused look, then you might have to tailor your answers in such a way that will bring them back to engaging with you.

It’s Not Just About Them

Your interviewer’s cues aren’t the only things you should be aware of. As it is your job interview, your actions also play a part in their decision making. Make sure you make an excellent first impression by showing up on time.

Wear the proper attire, clean yourself up, and be attentive throughout the interview. Show interest in the company and in the position you want. Pay attention to your gestures and posture as well. Remember, actions are just as significant as words.

3 Things You Must Consider When Choosing a SIP Service Provider

SIP on a keyboardWhenever you are looking for a reliable service provider, especially for SIP trunking services, you will find the following three qualities to be very important and worth considering:


Unified communication services demand a great deal of expertise. One must have the know-how to be able to install and manage SIP-enabled solutions. This practice comes with knowledge in other related fields in both SIP and VOIP technologies. Therefore, check whether your SIP service provider has the required certification. Also, you may need to confirm that they have the recommended legal license to operate as a trunk service provider.

Industry Mastery

There are many recent upgrades in the communications’ industry. As such, you should choose a service provider that understands the latest trends in the market. A well-versed service provider will only offer the best solutions in the industry. They should also be able to educate you which one will best suit your business’ communication needs.

High Referral Rate

This quality is what users should consider more.  Check online reviews of the service provider with whom you are planning to sign up with. This is especially true if you are looking for a provider to install and manage the communication system for a business or an establishment. If the service provider is reputable enough, they will provide clients with a list of referrals that will attest to the quality of services they have received.

Aside from considering these three qualities, you will find it very helpful to inquire from other businesses using SIP trunking. It is great practice to learn from other companies’ experiences as well.

The Check Valve Issue & Place of Regular Servicing in Pressure Vessels

Water Filtration System

Water Filtration SystemPressure vessels work on the simple concept of moving pressurised fluids from one point to another. Unfortunately, some people settle on the simplicity of the design.

Unless you are keen to notice it, pressure tanks have precision components that ought to work harmoniously for machines to work well. Some individuals choose to address these issues on their own. If you want a precise job, however, this should not be an option. Incorrect set-ups may compromise the air conditioning system, rendering the equipment useless.

For such projects, it’s important to work with mechanical air-conditioning experts. From the manufacture and supply to the installation and servicing of your pumps, valves, filtration equipment and buffer and pressure tanks, everything requires the touch of a professional.

The Check Valve

When it comes to precision components, one of the most critical parts in question is the check valve, which can be found on the pressure flow line. A number of HVACr unit malfunctions stem from a faulty check valve. In this case, the check valve does not direct refrigerant flow in the recommended direction and pressure.

Thanks to technological advancements in the manufacture of HVACr equipment, most modern pressure tanks now have more durable check valves to withstand varying feed flow rates. But even with an advanced pressure tank, you will need regular servicing to ensure optimal function.

The Place of Regular Maintenance

Pressure equipment regulations in Australia and New Zealand require businesses to schedule for the servicing of your pumps, valves, filtration equipment, buffer tanks and pressure vessels on a regular basis. Also, for enhancing functionality, routine maintenance will save you money that you would have otherwise spent in replacing parts of or the whole HVACr system.

Pressure systems can be complex to diagnose on your own. Instead of dealing with these issues on your own, it is best to have an expert work on it. Call a professional to address your equipment concerns immediately.

Why Onboarding is Crucial for Employee Retention

HR SolutionsIf your company suffers from a high turnover rate, particularly for entry-level employees, your onboarding strategy must be in need of an overhaul.

Turnover of new employees can be quite expensive, as each worker who leaves within their first year can cost up to three times their annual salary. For this reason, companies should take time to consider how their onboarding platform takes care of retaining new hires.

Better Onboarding

The Wynhurst Group said that 22% of new employees quit within the first 45 days after joining a company. The Society for Human Resource Management even said that 4% of these employees never bother to show up again on their second day. Other new hires wait until six months before they decide whether or not to stay in a company, according to a Monster.com survey.

A software management platform for online courses serves as one option for your company to improve the onboarding experience. A platform like Meta Saas can also perform other tasks such as employee off boarding, which is why many businesses have turned to digital solutions to handle multiple issues concerning their workforce.

Tech Onboarding

The efficiency of your onboarding strategy plays a huge role in convincing employees that they made the right choice. It helps them adjust to the social and performance-based aspects of their work. The faster they learn how to adapt and gain new skills and knowledge, the faster it would be for them to become productive.

For technology companies, the use of augmented reality (AR) technology can help their new employees have a clearer idea of working for their respective industry. Some of the recent applications of AR for onboarding include Apple’s application for showing employees how people work in a facility in real time.


The availability of new digital solutions and technology has allowed more businesses to improve onboarding for new employees. Hence, companies should have no reason for not using them.

NAM Survey Shows Continually High Outlook for US Manufacturing

Happy EmployeesU.S. manufacturers remained positive about business prospects and the economy for three consecutive quarters in 2017, according to the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM).

The NAM’s Manufacturers’ Outlook Survey showed 90.9% of respondents are positive about the future of their businesses. The figure represented an all-time high in the survey’s 20-year history. The positive outlook indicated a 3.6% growth in manufacturing production between October 2017 and the first quarter of 2018.

Optimistic Outlook

The expected increase in manufacturing production should lead companies to consider investing new tools such as purchasing ordering management systems. These will be necessary to improve workflow operations, as manufacturing output would grow 1.2% during the remaining months of 2017.

Business tax reforms also serve as part of the reason for the bright outlook among companies, while more than 87% of surveyed companies that the changes will resolve their issues with the current tax system.

Meanwhile, a strong manufacturing sector further increased the chances of an interest rate increase in December 2017 by the Federal Reserve.

ISM Poll

The Federal Reserve may impose a rate hike due to a strong employment market and manufacturing industry, which recorded a 60.8% reading on the Institute for Supply Management’s (ISM) index for September.

Except for furniture and related products, some 17 manufacturing segments such as chemicals, transportation and electrical equipment recorded growth for the month.

ISM said that the index reading exceeded analysts’ expectations of 57.8% for September compared to August. It emerged as the highest reading since May 2004. Still, some businesses are concerned about the possibility of higher input prices due to Hurricanes Harvey and Irma.


The positive outlook of many U.S. manufacturers bodes well for the country’s economy. Aside from this, more jobs should be expected, as companies will eventually need more workers to sustain growth.


Content is Still King: 3 Reasons Your Business Should Invest in Content Marketing

Business Should Invest in Content MarketingWhen creating digital campaigns, the first things that come to mind are search engine marketing, reputation management, and social media marketing. While these techniques are valuable, it’s more important to focus on content marketing. In fact, content is what actually powers these techniques.

Many marketing and advertising agencies recommend the use of content for their marketing efforts. Below are some of the compelling reasons you should invest in content, as recommended by top companies specializing in SEO services in Los Angeles:

It’s timeless

Marketing is all about instigating consumption, and what better way to initiate it through words. All the content you see online is meant for consumption. As people consume content without stopping, it’s safe to say that it’s timeless. No matter what happens, people will always consume content. That reason should be enough for you to invest in content marketing.

It’s diverse

There are many ways to get the message across. The safest ones include on-page content, infographics, and social media posts. If you have the budget, you can go for banner ads and pre-roll ads. If you’re brave enough, you can take a shot at being viral by creating on-ground and online stunts. If they happen to be successful, your brand will acquire more PR mileage, which is a good thing. With the diversity of mediums, there’s no limit when it comes to creativity.

It’s easy to implement

As the mediums are diverse, you can easily implement a content marketing plan. You simply have to make sure that you can afford the media space. This is where media planning and buying becomes important. Buyers and planners can help you find the most optimal locations where you can place your content and ads to reach your target audience.

Content will always be king, which is why you should invest in content marketing. To help you with your plans, you can always work with a reliable digital advertising agency.

The Current State of the Global Call Center Industry

Call Center Industry

Call Center IndustryTo say that the call center industry is a relevant one today is an understatement. Contact firms like the United Call Center are contributing millions — no, billions — of dollars to the global economy, and on a previously unprecedented scale. But how big and profitable is it exactly?

The Current Situation

More and more businesses (most of them large-scale ones, apparently) are making use of call centers. These facilities deal with managing clients/customers’ contact attempts via telephone, web chat, email, and even social media. In the last decade, mass customer interaction is controlled almost entirely by these companies, via an in-house center or a third-party provider.

According to various reports, the world’s largest call center market is in the Americas. The research firm Technavio says a massive growth through 2019 reached US$9.7 billion. The average CAGR (compound annual growth rate) is over 9 percent, as per official estimates. Analysts believe this is due to the ever-growing popularity (and necessity) of using digital technologies to keep in touch with customers.

The United States held about half of the market share in the Americas (50 percent), alongside Canada and Latin America in 2014 alone. Brazil, Guatemala, Argentina, and Costa Rica are several of the major Latin American countries adopting call centers into their economic systems. These countries’ bilingual competence (English and Spanish) are believed to be a key driving force for industry growth in the region.

Halfway across the world in Asia, it’s a relatively similar situation. India is among the biggest when it comes to size and scope in relation to GDP, with the local call center market comprising as much as 8 percent of India’s GDP. Over 3.1 million employees work in various aspects of the contact center business, from voice-based services to non-voice ones like IT development and transaction processing. Meanwhile, the Philippines is considered the biggest offshore location for the voice-based service market.

Lastly, different trends also govern the industry worldwide, including omnichannel support, virtual agents, cloud-based services, self-service, and social media usage. Experts believe that these trends are to rule the industry for the entirety of 2017 until new technologies present themselves in the foreseeable future.

The Continuous Development of Security Technologies

Development of Security TechnologyThe security industry is continuously evolving. With positive results in controlling crime against people and property, as well as the increased accessibility of emergency response, some technological advancements in security have proven their importance and reliability.

Development in home security

The value of connectivity via the Internet is felt in different sectors and industries, including security. With the use of this type of connectivity, and with the development of certain software and hardware, almost any ordinary home can become a smart home.

The functionalities provided by a smart home setup are not limited to security. The homeowner can set timers for just about everything that can be connected to the home’s Internet of Things. The homeowner can also choose to control these devices remotely, using a mobile app. A homeowner commanding their garage to open with voice recognition is no longer a thing of the future but of the present.

With all the convenience a smart home setup provides, it would be rather pointless if safety were not part of it. Cameras, motion detectors, alarm systems, remote access via app, and automation all come together to make a smart home remarkably safer than its non-smart counterparts. Even the experts behind eFORCE Software agree.

Dispatching security and first-response personnel

While computer aided dispatch software is not exactly new technology, developments in smart home designs have added new functionality. A smart home experiencing a burglary or any kind of intrusion can automatically alert security or police. With the right kind of software, the alarm can send dispatch commands to the authorities on duty, so that delays in first-response can be avoided. CAD software also enables a dispatcher to do their job more quickly and reliably, even if they are swamped with alerts.

Security is advancing courtesy of the technological developments surrounding it. From smart homes to CAD software, its benefits play a huge role in the background for most people, and in the foreground for those who find themselves in immediate need of help.

Ahead of the Curve: The Growth of Visual SEO

Virtual SEOPeople like looking at things, and that common trait may soon spill in SEO. The rise of visual searching is proof of this, and though it’s not as prevalent as text-based marketing, there is a lot of room for improvement. More than that, many businesses would benefit in focusing on image-based SEO, especially ones with a lot of products to offer and a lot less to say.

The Technology Stunted, But the Promise Is There

The world is still far from the integrated eye-tracking technology, but it’s surprising how useful visual searching is for many people. It’s focused more on back searching and having a catalog of images, but there’s a market for it. The prominence of SEO, particularly its visual subset, from Twin Cities to New York, is evident through Pinterest’s popularity.

On the other hand, tech companies are pushing VR aggressively these days. It’s not impossible to see it replacing Google Glass and other eye-based technology. It could even give birth to full image searching in certain sectors.

An Undeniable Importance for E-Commerce

More often than not, online businesses handpick the images they put on their website. Through visual searching, however, customers may see their products in real life. They can judge it better on how it looks on people, or simply how it is when people actually use it.

It’s also proof. If your business sells complex products, it’s good for your customers to see it rather than read about it. This is great for side-by-side comparison with the competition’s products; it’s not always good for the business, but it is an excellent option for the customer.

Looking Ahead

There’s always a pitfall in following trends, but visual SEO is hardly a fad. It’s a useful marketing strategy for many businesses, though it remains on the fringes of advertising. All that’s left is for technology to catch up, so it’ll be easier for everyone to do.

Successful SEO isn’t always traditional SEO. There are many avenues to explore online marketing, and visual SEO is just one way and a very good one at that.

Best face swap apps for iOS, Android and Windows

Here you can get 100% working and authority connects to download Face Swap Live application for PC, windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7 workstation, PC and on work area frameworks. Utilizing this select instructional exercise you can download Face Swap Live APK for android, Tablets most recent refreshed renditions. For additional data proceed with your perusing about Face Swap Live online application download.

Utilizing this application you can make and get more fun. In the event that your face need to be superstars confront or some other prevalent faces then you ought to download Face Swap application for android, PC, windows, Mac OS X, Mac book air, windows telephone, iOS (iPhone, iPad) gadgets. You can likewise swap your countenances in well known video cuts. You can without much of a stretch work and change your face into others like saints, your companions, cricketers and different countenances. You can do extra exercises to your face utilizing this face change application. in the application you can discover distinctive veils, select wanted one and take a photograph or on the off chance that you don’t care for any covers in the Face Swap Online on Android Live application date base? At that point gather a portion of the photographs which you like and include them in its information base. Presently select your most loved cover and get the photograph. While you posturing for a selfie on Face Swap android application with your companion then you can see swapping of your face into your companion confront.

It is the one of inclining and best ongoing live face swapping application for android gadgets. It will help you progressively to change your face into others. It was created by Gigant. As of now it is prepared for android, iOS gadgets and not prepared for windows stage, on the off chance that you need to download Face Swap Live for PC and Face Swap Live for windows 8.1, 10, 8, 7 workstation, PC work area gadgets, at that point you should read this guide till the end and know other significant aides about Face Swap Live application.

Download Face Swap Live App for Android APK, PC, iOS Free

Here we are giving everything is honest to goodness and working authority joins for Face Swap Live APK application. we don’t get you any disturb with the download, we will make you to download the application with single tick on your android, windows iOS gadgets. Nearly we gathered all the data about this prominent face changing on the web application. When you totally read the instructional exercise through and through then you will effortlessly get all the data and how to download Face Swap online application on different gadgets.

This inclining application is getting enormous ubiquity from online networking clients since they are making diverse recordings with swapping of countenances and transferring. It is working effective and help you to make more fun. Face Swap Live APK accessibility is free and furthermore download and appreciate Face Swap on different gadgets like Samsung, HTC, Windows Phone, Microsoft, Karbon, Celkon, and Sony Xperia and on different gadgets.

Download Steps for Face Swap Live App:

On the off chance that you are an amateur of utilizing android telephone, at that point first you ought to make Gmail account. Presently open Google Play Store application on your android telephone. Before going into the application you will requested to sign in, there you should include appropriate working Gmail record and sign in.

I trust after above advance, you will be signed in, now at the highest point of utilization you can see look box, there enter like “Face Swap Live” that is it, it will demonstrates you related aftereffects of your watchword. Select the application with correct catchphrase (Face Swap Live on Google Play Store).

Presently tap on the symbol and sit tight for establishment. Facilitate it will ask you authorization, tap on alright catch and finish the establishment. On the off chance that you have net speed, at that point it would require less investment so influence it to be quick on your gadget and begin to confront swapping. You can likewise take after other technique to get Face Swap Live application on your android gadget utilizing underneath strategy.

Face Swap Live APK Download for Android, PC Free

Utilizing beneath download catch you can get it for your android, PC gadgets free. This is the exceptionally well known APK application and most recent, refreshed adaptation.

  • Expectation you have downloaded the application effectively, now take after for additionally steps.
  • Utilizing above working connection download Face Swap Live APK most recent rendition.
  • Presently you need to empower the Unknown Sources choice in your android gadget.
  • For that go to Settings > Security > Unknown Sources.
  • Presently permit to introduce confront swap application on your android gadget.

Face Swap Live for PC Windows 8.1/10/8/7 Laptop free Download

Above completely clarified about Face Swap live establishment utilizing APK application for android, now be prepared for elite and one of a kind manual for download Face Swap Live for PC and Face Swap Live for windows 8.1, 10, 8, 7 workstation, PC work area gadgets. In reality Face Swap PC adaptation isn’t yet grown however utilizing outsider programming’s we can download Face Swap live for PC free. Presently take after the discourse about how to download introduce Face Swap live application for workstation windows 10/8.1/8/7 PC utilizing Bluestacks emulator.

Right now Bluestacks is the one of must required programming for each window PC. spyChecker Since utilizing this PC application everybody can encounter all android applications on your windows PC work area gadgets. So first visit this connection and a single tick to download Bluestacks on your windows PC.

  • Utilizing above authority connect download Bluestacks programming.
  • When you downloaded the product, now snap to introduce.
  • In the event that Bluestacks establishment finished, at that point you would run it on your personal computer utilizing Face Swap Live easy route document.
  • Presently type “Face Swap Live” in Bluestacks look box, it indicates you different outcomes with the correct name, there you need to choose top outcome and tap on the symbol.
  • Presently establishment process began on your windows PC and sit tight for some time.